Why Good Sleep Is Important And Why Avoiding Sugar is A Really Good Idea


Sleep is one of those things that, when you’re young, you never want to get. But at a certain age, you can’t ever get enough. It seems to be one of the great paradoxes of life that will never be solved. However, research has shown, over and over again, that getting a certain amount of rest each night is incredibly important for your overall health and well being. How much do you need and are their foods that you eat that make you sleepy, here are some great tips?

Here Are Some Reason Why You Should Get Adequate Sleep

Not getting enough sleep has been directly linked to gaining weight. Several studies have shown that people who regularly don’t get enough sleep almost always weight more than those that do sleep well. This trend was found in both children and adults and commonly led to obesity.

It may be tied to a stronger appetite since other studies show people that don’t get enough sleep tend to consume more calories by a significant margin — the appetite hormones were found to be disrupted in the sleep-deprived groups.

Sleep Deprived People Lack Concentration

When it comes to doing work with the brain, people that get the right amount of sleep test better. They have better concentration, cognitive abilities, and perform at a higher level, even in athletic contests too. Some of these studies were done of medical interns that typically work long shifts at hospitals.

It was found that they made up to 36% more mistakes after having been on duty for more than 24 hours. This was even though they have a lounge that they can sleep in during lulls in patient flow. Short sleep, that where the brain doesn’t get into its full, deep sleep mode, can also negatively impact performance as well. To find much more in-depth studies and available discounts for mattress visit zenhavencoupon.org website. There you will be able to browse a few studies that they have performed.

Heart Attacks And Strokes Are More Common In Poor Sleepers

It has long been known that people that don’t sleep well suffer from a much higher incidence of heart attacks and strokes. However, there are also studies out which show that those that are obese many times suffer from sleep apnea because of extra fat on the face, lips, cheeks, and tongue. Sleep apnea can awaken a person hundreds of times per night which doesn’t allow them to get into their REM sleep, sometimes ever. This is a vicious cycle causing more obesity, more sleep apnea, and then increasing heart attack and stroke risks.

What You Eat Can Affect Sleep

There are a lot of foods that will affect your sleep. Foods that are high in tryptophan, vitamin B6, and the minerals calcium and magnesium can help people go to sleep and sleep better. That’s because they cause the body to produce the sleep hormone called melatonin. It helps regulate your sleeping and waking patterns called circadian rhythm. Extra amounts of these four ingredients can lead to a better nights sleep and feeling more restful in the morning.

Sugar, on the other hand, can make you feel drowsy all day long. You may feel energized at the very first of you “sugar high,” but then you’ll be dropped off the cliff into sleepiness very shortly after. It’s because sugar encourages the body to inhibit the production of orexin, one of the chemicals in the brain responsible for alertness.

People that consumed sugary drinks tend to feel tired after about a half an hour after consumption. Even drinks laden with caffeine were prone to making people tired if they contained sugar. On the other hand, foods that contained protein, had the opposite effect, helping people stay alert and awake. Plus, adding just a little bit of protein to the diet at the very same time as the sugar could counteract the sleepiness.

One of the problems with sugary foods just before bedtime is the rapid speed at which they can be digested and absorbed into the intestines and then the cells. A quick sugar high, followed by strong sugar sleepiness, can then be followed by insomnia a few hours later. None of these situations are the type of sleep that makes you feel rested in the morning, so it’s better to avoid sugar before bedtime, and most other times as well.

Do You Need Sleep Hygiene?

Sleep hygiene refers to your daily ritual before going to bed. You are responsible for your own sleep hygiene, but if you want to sleep well every night, you need to start good sleep hygiene habits.

Why Is Sleep Hygiene Important?

With good sleep hygiene, you can always enjoy high quality and more restful sleep for the right amount of time every night. Note that, with poor sleep hygiene, you will always have poor quality sleep.

With proper sleep, you can maintain balanced emotional, mental and physical health. You can stay focused throughout the day, improving your productivity and regulating your overall mood.

How Can You Improve Your Sleep Hygiene?

1. How Much Sleep Do You Need?

You need at least 7 hours of sleep as an adult. You need to set enough time aside to achieve this because otherwise, you will feel unrested and less productive the entire day. Make sure you have enough sleep and wake up feeling rested. If you are not getting enough hours of sleep, you are probably suffering from a sleep disorder, so you need to get checked.

2. Go To Sleep The Same Time Every Night

Once you know the amount of sleep you need, you should go to bed the same time every night. Follow a regular sleep schedule and avoid procrastinating. You should set the alarm every morning to get up at the same time. Make sure you keep the same hours of sleep even on the weekends.

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Periodic Reports

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In-Depth Niche Research

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Customized SEO Campaigns Only

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