The Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video (March Blockbuster)

Have you ever watched movies on Amazon Prime? If not, hurry up – go on the website and take a subscription for your upcoming vacations. Most people are using Amazon subscriptions for more than shipping discounts and food sales. The people at Amazon are amazed just because of the library of movies that can be accessed with your premium account. In addition, the amazon library of movies is similar to Netflix. But according to many arguments, Netflix has a massive list of popcorn blockbuster movies.

Sometimes, you are tired of scrolling to watch the best march 2022 movie. But not interesting. Luckily, with the belief and breath, Amazon updates us by providing a list of the movie on a regular basis. And anybody can view them at any time. So what are you waiting for? The article will show the best movies of February & March 2022 that will change your mood completely.

Introduction of Amazon Prime

Amazon is a paid subscription to watch movies and is available in various countries. It gives Amazon prime users premium access for watching movies, streaming music. And 2-day free shipping on millions of items with no strings attached. Over the years, with amazon’s success hard work, the company added more features such as TV shows, unlimited online photo storage, free eBooks, gaming access, and more.

Jeff Bezos said that Amazon Prime had exceeded 200 million subscribers globally in an interview. In the beginning, the only way to get a premium account was a yearly subscription. And the subscription charges started at $79/ year, and they increased over time. Currently, in 2022, the premium subscription of Amazon starts at $139/ year. Amazon also started monthly membership in 2016, and you can pay $14.99/ month.

5 Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video (March 2022)

Prime Video has a wide range of original series and movies, including romance, fights, action, and more film types. Amazon prime also features the kid’s show “if you give a mouse a cookie, ” which is based on the same name. But here are the following article explaining your best 5 movies on Amazon that are a choice for you.

best movies on amazon prime free
best movies on amazon prime free
  1. Cold War -2018

This beautiful cold war historical drama from Pawel Pawlikowski stars Tomasz Kot and Joanna Kulig as music directors and singers, respectively. Who fell in love in Poland after world war II. As the years pass and the Soviet grip on Eastern Europe tightens. They drift across borders and entangle with each other. Their turbulent romance, which is framed by paranoia and repression, is messy but compelling. Cold War is a masterfully composed black and white film full of stunning shots.

  1. Everybody’s Talking About Jamie – 2021

Everybody’s talking about Jamie (The musical sparkling stage show); this movie is about a teenager gay whose dream is to become a drag queen. In comparison, he raises by a strong pillar of support in the sketch of single mom Sarah Lancashire and many more. He also faces challenges in his life, such as school bully by Samuel Bottomley, unencouraging teacher Sharon Horgan, and deadbeat dad Ralph Ineson. Amazon Prime gives you the advantage of watching movies that relate to this one.

As you listen to its beautifully rendered songs, many of which serve as a history of queer pop, you will feel waves of every emotion, from despair to euphoria, and walk away inspired to find your best self. You need to watch Everybody’s Talking About Jamie immediately, and, uh, put your letters to that other musical teen in a drawer.

  1. One Night in Miami (2020) – Amazon Prime

The director of One Night in Miami makes an amazing debut that describes drama. But the making of drama is decided during the meeting of extraordinary minds. When Kingsley Ben-Adi), (then Cassius Clay, Eli Goree), Sam Cooke, and Aldis Hodge spent a star night in a Florida hotel.

This film is based on the kemp power play; King’s film digs deep into an imagined discourse spun from historical events. It is a celebration of the young black men who played a significant role in all avenues of public life during the civil rights movement. And an intellectual exploration of their activism methods. Ben-Adir and Odom’s most powerful performances, whose clashing ideologies provide the most moving dramatic heights. In addition, King, who is well-versed in great performances, directs it all to perfection. By Haleigh Foutch and available on Amazon Prime movies.

  1. The Vast of Night – 2020

The vast of the night tells the story of a young switchboard operator. And a radio DJ as they discover a mysterious audio frequency that sets off a series of dramatic events. Andrew Patterson’s Amazon Studios film is the directorial debut of the director and has received high praise from critics and streaming audiences alike for its suspenseful, low-budget take on the horror genre.

  1. I Saw the Devil – 2010

The Korean director Kim Jee-Woon directed this extreme thriller movie. That does not quite get dark enough to qualify as a horror film. However, ‘the Age of Shadows’ director Kim Jee-woon directed this intense thriller that doesn’t quite get dark enough to qualify as a horror film. Lee Byung-hun dedicates his life to finding the serial killer. He murdered his fiancée, who Choi Min-Sik plays, and brought him to justice.


You can watch blockbuster movies on Amazon prime by taking paid subscriptions yearly or monthly. Amazon offers you the list of original films explained in this article with the release year. It also gives you 2-day free shipping on millions of items which is the most curious advantage of prime. Feel free to let me know which movie is best for you and if your favorite film is included or not. If not, let me know, and I’ll update the article.