How Long Does iOS 15 take to Install (A guide to Set up iOS 15)

iPhone users across the globe are confused about whether to install iOS 15? & How long does iOS 15 take to download? Apple has officially spread out the iOS 15 betas to developers & tech nerds who would like to take the in-progress software for a test. This will offer you an opportunity to locate the ideal time to update the iPhone.

Moreover, the update always brings a lot of advancements to your iPhone, such as new functions and features. But, in conveying the features, the update can sometimes feel like it takes longer than usual. Although, there are some complaints that while downloading iOS 15, it stuck in rare circumstances and failed to download. So here in this guide, we will walk you through how much time iOS take to download and what to do if the update is stuck. So let’s move to the next section without delay.

How Much Time Does iOS 15 take to Install

One of the most elevated concerns about the upgrading process is that some users have said that it takes time to install the update. So, if you have decided to download iOS 15 on your phone, it entirely depends on the internet speed further, if you have a good internet connection with quick download speeds. Hence, the update brings improvements, a ton of security patches, and error fixes with it.

iOS 15 Update Process Time
iOS 15 Download Time 5 to 15 minutes
iOS 15 Install Time 10 to 20 minutes
Set up iOS 15 5 to 10 minutes
Total update time 20 to 45 minutes


Reason why does iOS 15 take so much Time to Install?

You have decided to move ahead and download the iOS 15 beta build on your iPhone, but it will take forever to download. What would you do in such a situation? The phone’s OS seems to be stopped during the installation. So, you first have to ensure you have a good internet connection. Since the installed size of iOS 15 is massive (around 5GB to 6GB, depending on your iOS 15 well-suited iPhone model), a constant and fast internet connection helps in the installation process.

Moreover, the update is stuck or takes a long time to install in any case. Even if you have fast internet, then Apple’s server could be at fault. Since a vast number of iPhone users rush to install the latest iOS as soon as it’s spread out, Apple servers might find it difficult to cater to the high demand. However, it is always good to install the software after some days of the official run out. Further, if you have chosen to install the latest version, remember the two things before starting the update:

Keep Your iPhone Linked to a Power Source While Installing the Update

Because of the enormous file size, iOS 15 installation may take more time than usual. So, it is best to keep your phone connected to a power source during the installation process. Further, keep away from watching movies on Netflix or streaming songs while installing the software. It will only take bandwidth and slow down the process.

Check Your iPhone is Clean

Before installing the latest software, makes sure that your iPhone is clean. If your iPhone space is full, you might face unpredicted problems while downloading the software. So before installation, delete all the useless files, screenshots, and music to make enough space for the operating system.

Some Ways to Speed Up iOS 15 Installation

how long does it take for ios 15 to install
how long does it take for ios 15 to install

It’s quite frustrating when your iOS 15 update takes a much longer time. The update procedure is perhaps gone wrong if your device update has been stuck for a long time. So follow the below guide to solving the stuck problem while installing the software.

1.      Use any iOS System Repair Tool to Install the iOS 15

Use any ample tool to address the jammed issue of the iOS 15. one of the tools UITFone iOS System repair would be advised to fix the faults. Apply the given steps to solve the issue.

  • First, you have to install and open this tool on your system. Then, link it to your devices. Once it’s finished, hit “Start” to begin the iOS tool.
  • Then, click on the button “Standard Repair” to move further.
  • Next, you have to click on the “Download” before you begin the system repair. It’s done to acquire the automatic right firmware package for your device.
  • After that, when you have successfully installed the firmware, click on start standard repair to solve the iOS stuck problem.
  • When the repair is completed, it will go to the sudden reboot of your device.

2.      Restart Device to Solve the Stuck Issues

Sometimes, restarting the phone will help mend the jammed issues during the installation process. So to switch off the phone, you can also view the settings > general > shut down. If the options are not functioning, use the power key to restart it again after a minute. Hopefully, it will resolve the issue.

3.      Connect to a Right Network

Pretty usually, slow connections result in the freezing of the update of iOS 15. For a clear update, it is essential; to connect with the stable network.

4.      Clear iPhone Storage Space

The shortage of space on your iPhone can get you stuck in your update installation process. The iOS 15 update needs at least 2GB of space. So, you must check the device storage if installation takes a lot of time.

5.      Check the Apple Server Status

If the above methods do not solve the issue of your iOS update, then you should check the issues with the Apple server to see what is wrong with it; when a new software launches, people across the globe jump to get it and be the first to test software. As a result, the apple server is overburdened and cannot be ruled out. So to check out the Apple server, go to the system status page and check a green dot for the app store, iCloud Account & sign in, etc. if it is not green, you will have to wait until the issue fix.

Top Features in Apple’s iOS 15

iOS 15 includes some incredible features, such as a fancier FaceTime that offers video conferencing services like Google Meet and Zoom. In addition, you can also make FaceTime links to share and request others to join a video chat. Moreover, it also gives you new ways to focus. You can get a new look at notifications and ways to manage them in iOS 15. When you do not want to be disturbed by phone calls or notifications, it will offer you a feature called “Do not disturb mode.”

Furthermore, one of the incredible features of iOS is Live Text. So keep your camera app with text, and you will see a text icon on the right side of the screen that will allow you to enhance the text so you can easily copy and paste it to other apps. Additionally, the share play feature of iOS 15 lets you share music, films, workouts, and your screen with anyone you are FaceTime with.

Final Words

Hopefully, the article has answered all your queries about the latest update of iOS 15. If you decide to update to the latest version, always backup your data to protect yourself from the sudden loss of important data. There are a lot of reasons why software gets stuck while downloading, so we have mentioned some of the fixes that will help you install the iOS software. Let us know which feature you love the most in the new update by commenting.