How To Add Friends on Animal Crossing

How to Add Friends on Animal Crossing?

Animal Horizon is one of the most played games on Nintendo Switch. The game catches the players’ attention from its new lush islands. Well, especially the new players who want to boost their collection of islands or just want to go to their competitors’ islands.

But how will you add or even visit your friends’ islands on Animal Crossing?

In this guide, we will give you the walkthrough how to add friends to Animal Crossing.

How Will You Invite or Visit Your Island?

Animal Crossing New Horizon is generally played offline. But playing alone is no fun. (TRUST ME!)

But how will you go to play with your friends, or say, play online, if the game is played in offline mode?

In this situation, Nintendo Online Subscription comes to help. This subscription allows you to play with your friends, family members, and even strangers. You can get that by getting the Nintendo Switch eShop, with options ranging from individual to family subscription.

Inviting Friends to Animal Crossing Island?

The real work starts after you get the subscription of playing Animal Crossing online. You need to create an island to add your friends at the start. You can say this is the pre-condition due to the airport being ‘out of service’ in the first 24 hours.

But if you are a Sneaky Pete and always looking for a shortcut in every case, you can do it by putting the CHEAT of time travel in the game. It will manually alter the Nintendo Switch time and date on your console. Meaning you can mislead the game into thinking through this cheat that the 24-hour period is up, which is the requirement of the airport. And as soon as the airport is active, you can able to visit any of your friends’ islands or simply call them to yours.

How to Add Friends on Animal Crossing?

To add friends on Animal Crossing, there are two options available.

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Dodo Code

The first one is the pretty simple addition of your friends in the game. However, the latter is a way to invite non-friend players to the game. Still, it is only available in Animal Crossing New Horizon.

Dodo Code?

It is an effective method to get the players to your island. It gives you considerable control over the invitees. Meaning you have the power to monitor the actions of the invitees. Still, at the same time, they can do unmentionable things to your islands, too.

How to Use It?

To utilize the dodo code, simply go to the Dodo Airlines Airport and talk to Orville on the second day. From there, you will be given a choice, either invite players locally or online. Chose the latter.

In case you earlier played Animal Crossing New Horizons on Nintendo Switch with your friends. An option will pop up to open the gate for them to enter. Once they get access, they can come over to your island.

Moreover, you can also invite them via Dodo Code. The Orville will promptly ask you: Who to Invite. Select the option: The More the Merrier.

However, you still tend to share the dodo code with the Animal Crossing New Horizon to invite players to your island.

how to add best friends on animal crossing
how to add best friends on animal crossing

Best Friend vs Friend in Animal Crossing New Horizon

New Animal Crossing New Horizon players will experience a clear distinction between two: BEST FRIEND and FRIEND. A best friend can have a range of access to your island. However, they can harm your island, too. SO, BEWARE. On the other hand, unlike a best friend, a friend can only go to your island for a visit.

How to Add a Friend on Animal Crossing: Its Benefits

Playing with other players in the Animal Crossing New Horizons can benefit you. For one, this virtual playing makes the game more interesting. Also, there are millions of players playing it online, which boosts the community.


In this guide of ‘How to Add a Friends on Animal Crossing’, we have spelt out the ways and importance of friends in Animal Crossing. NOW YOU KNOW HOW TO ADD THEM.