How To Become an FBI Agent – The Powerful Agency

Don’t worry, people, if you don’t know how to become an FBI agent. We made a guide for you, so please read it and let you know the requirements of becoming FBI agents. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) protects the country & uphold the US Constitution. This is not an easy task, as communities across the country face a variety of threats on a daily basis.

The FBI employs many types of professionals. But the most important position in authority is a specialized agency. Professional agents work in various areas, including cybercrime, corruption, civil rights, and counterintelligence. So, you should apply to the FBI, if you are interested in a career in this FBI direction.

How Does the FBI Work?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the best federal police agency in the US.  Thus, the agency works to stop serious crimes like drug trafficking, hacking, & terrorism. It brings perpetrators to justice. So, if you work for the FBI, you need to learn how to become an FBI agent. I relate to any field;this is the most skilled law enforcement officer field. Who investigates various crimes that occur across state boundaries.

How Do FBI Agents Work – How To Become an FBI Agent:

FBI agents enforce different federal laws and perform various investigative tasks. They usually investigate drug trafficking, violent crime, terrorism, anti-spy activity, cybercrime, & public corruption. According to the FBI agent, the typical mission of an FBI Investigator is:

  1. Collecting evidence of crimes by interviewing suspects, witnesses, and informants.
  2. Gathering evidence of cybercrimes using digital tools.
  3. Get a search warrant and execute it.
  4. The collection and keeping evidence from crime scenes.
  5. Taking the stand in federal court.
  6. Creating and filling out reports about investigations and arrests.
  7. They were taking fingerprints of criminal suspects and keeping records.
  8. Prepare for a national emergency.
  9. Conducting community outreach programs through the FBI Citizens Academy.

A Guide to Becoming an FBI Agent:

Here are the step-by-step elements which are necessary to become an FBI agent:

  • Get a degree in the field of criminal justice, finance, science, or computer technology.
  • Work for two years in a field relevant to your chosen major
  • The applicant must be between 23 and 37 years old and a citizen of the United States
  • You will also be required to pass a fitness test and a background check. Furthermore, you have to pass many drug and polygraph tests as well.
  • Complete the intensive training for new agents
how long does it take to become an fbi agent
how long does it take to become an fbi agent

Various types of FBI careers:

The title “Special Agents” might be the most excellent job title, but it’s not the only position in the FBI. The path to becoming an FBI profiler opens up when you become a special agent as a supervisor. The criminals of the FBI profiler create profiles of unidentified criminals. Because they help the law enforcement agencies narrow down their search for suspects.

The FBI also offers other careers such as:

  1. The FBI Forensic Accountant: These agents use court accountants to prepare investigation warrants. They also collect evidence, keep records, prepare affidavits and other documents. Forensic accountants must undergo a thorough screening process. And attend a five-week training program at FBI Training Academy.
  2. The FBI Analyst: The FBI analyze the evidence, judgments and recommend actions to the FBI. There are nine steps in the Intelligence Analyst Selection Process that analysts FBI. You must go through the process before selecting them as analysts.

How to Become an FBI Agent – FBI Agents Rule:

A career in the FBI requires time and dedication. You must first fulfil several requirements before you can even begin FBI training. There is no doubt that the FBI is looking for the best candidates.  Who are fit, competent problem-solvers, personable and good communicators. This is because FBI agents are given high permission to access sensitive information. The only candidates who will meet the FBI requirements and complete training will be eligible to become agents.

You must meet the following requirements before considering employment at the FBI:

  1. If you want to become an FBI agent, you should have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  2. Have a valid license and at least six months of driving experience.
  3. A candidate must report to 56 field offices of the FBI during the screening and testing process.

To become a member of the FBI, you will have to pass the SASS. Based in Quantico, the FBI National Academy offers a variety of training programs. This program includes firearm training, simulated town training, and survival skills in high-risk environments.

What is the Average FBI Agent Salary?

The salaries of FBI special agents are determined by governmental pay scales based on their localities. As a new FBI agent, you will be paid the special base rate for law enforcement officers at GL-10. People without prior government experience will be paid at the GL-10, step 1 level.

It is stated that an agent trainee is working through the Basic Field Training Course (BFTC). They earn the equal of this pay level and locality pay and availability pay. The same applies to the agent assigned to the first field officer after completing BFTC. The locality pay is calculated according to the agent’s geographic location.

Expertise on different scales:

The Federal Government pay scale is divided into several categories:

  1. General Salary
  2. Senior Executive Service
  3. Senior Level Positions
  4. Executive Pay

The GS paygrade is the most common on the government pay scale.  According to the OPM, students in grades GS1 to GS3 do not need a high school diploma or GED.  These are usually administrative or clerical jobs with the lowest base salaries.  At least an associate’s degree is required for GS-4 to GS-6 positions.  The Positions from GS7 to GS12 may require a higher degree as well as years of relevant experience. For levels GS-13 to GS-15, employees must hold a master’s or doctoral degree.

FBI trainees start a job at the GS-10 level, which pays a $50,246 per year pay scale. As agents move up the GS-10 scale, there are different pay levels even after they reach the GS-15 level. As a result, the base salary includes 15.95% of the cost of living nationwide. So, special agents at the lowest salary level earn almost 16% more than the base salary. Living expenses range from about 16 percent to 41 percent of the base salary. So, FBI agents assigned to a high-cost area will receive more compensation. Despite the high cost of living increases in New York City and San Francisco. There is also a noticeable increase in Kansas City, Detroit, and many smaller offices.

FBI agents are generally among the best-paid and most skilled in law enforcement. The compensation for FBI agents is quite high if considering the cost-of-living bonus added to base salaries.

FBI Agents Work Expectations:

At the Quantico FBI Agents Training Centre:

When the attentive requirements meet to become an FBI agent, a new agent has been taken on to work for the Bureau and the formal education after that training begins. New FBI agent must complete training at the FBI Academy before starting fieldwork. Thus, there is no doubt that this 20-week course will be one of the most challenging training. Therefore, the law enforcement officers of this program will ever go through. Their physical and mental limits will be tested.

However, In over 800 hours of training. The agents expose to four significant applications:

  1. Academics
  2. Case exercises
  3. Firearms training
  4. Operational skills

The mock town of Hollywood set designers, which is populated by actors dressed as criminals and terrorists. This location serves for real case studies that recruits encounter during basic training. Thus, they must also pass fitness tests, including sit-ups, push-ups, mile runs, & sprints.