How To Build a Bed Minecraft with Wool & Wood Material

Players spent their night and thunderstorm conditions on the bed in the designated area of the resting place of home. Does every beginner know how to build a bed in Minecraft? But I’ll let you know in detail how to build it. Minecraft is one of the most popular block games which is used to craft anything in the Minecraft game. In addition, Minecraft player can customize their beds with colors or whatever they want with the interior or chosen for their bedroom. In addition, if you already know the process of how to dye the wool, then this would be best to dye with different colors or even strip the current color with bleach for a fantastic look. This blog will guide your entire process of building a bed with its uses.

What Is Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox-style, multiplayer game where players are able to build and destroy anything within the game, such as bed or more. Players can create structures, including houses, farms, and dungeons. In addition, players can mine various materials such as iron, coal, gold, diamond, lapis lazuli, emeralds, sapphires, and more.

You can choose from either creative or survival modes when you start a new game. Creative modes give you unlimited building material, and you are free to build anything by doing risky experiments. In survival mode, you can select 4 difficulties that will be peaceful to the hard range. Taking damage from mobs, spawning dangerous mobs, and dying from hunger are all factors that affect these statistics. Unlike creative mode, survival mode has a death due to the environment. The goal of Minecraft is to reach the end of the game and kill or defeat the ender dragon.

Material Required to Build a Bed

how to build a fancy bed in minecraft
how to build a fancy bed in minecraft

The bed is a place where you can sleep and eat in Minecraft. You need to build a bed in Minecraft. In the beginning, you are given a house, and you can create a bed by pressing F9 or chop down a tree that will be around you. The bed is a wooden block plank that you can sleep on. Your lumberjack skills will chop the trees down using tools and weapons but not swords to make a bed.

Additionally, you will need to collect 3 blocks of wools from live sheep or kill them to gather wools. You can also make a wool farm, but it’s a different idea to gather wool. In this article, we shave the sheep to get the wool, but before shaving, dye their wool then shave them.

How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

Making a bed in *Minecraft is a bit tricky to build, and most of the required material is wool and wood. These two materials make the entire bed along with the colorful sheet. Players can find woollen planks by cutting down the trees and processing them in their inventory. The following section will guide you about how to make a dye and how to make a bed.

Craft a Primary Bed

Crafting a basic bed in Minecraft is based on white wool. This is a white type of bed which is the build-up of sheep wool. Let’s look at how to craft a basic bed without colors.

  • Select one woodblock from your inventory and drag it to any of the nine squares on the crafting grid (1wood block = 4 wood plank blocks).
  • Then, drag the 4-wood block into your inventory. And you will need 3 wood plank blocks to build a bed in Minecraft.
  • Place one wood plank block in each of the bottom three squares of the crafting grid. And put one wool block of the same color into each of the three middle squares of the crafting grid.
  • Drag the newly built bed into your inventory.

Making colorful Dye to Craft a Colorful Design Bed

Before making a bed, make sure to collect the material required for building a bed. Sheep are in Minecraft found in different colors like white, gray, black, and brown. If you want pink or blue sheets, you have to dye the sheep or collectively extract wool first.

how to build a loft bed in minecraft
how to build a loft bed in minecraft

Make your Wool Dye

Now dye your wool; the color palette is used to create each dye for dying wool and how to create them. Don’t forget to drag the resulting dye into your inventory so you can use it later. You cannot use green dye without the Furnace. Here is the following color platting to dye the wool and craft the table.

  • Black & Blue light and normal
  • Brown
  • Cyan
  • Gray dark & light
  • Green (Furnace)
  • Lime & Orange
  • Magenta & Purple
  • Pink & White
  • Yellow & Red

Dye your Collecting Wool to Craft a Colorful Bed

Making a dye is really a tricky part to build a bed in Minecraft. Now dye or color your collecting sheep wool.

  • Open your crafting table in Minecraft.
  • Place a wool block in the first box on the bottom row, and the dye will be shown next to it in the 2nd, It does not matter because the colorful dye will change the wool color, whatever the base color is.
  • You can change the wool color which is attached to the sheep. Make sure you have dye in your hand and select the sheep to change the permanent color – right click, left trigger, or tap and hold.

Additionally, you can find out the sheep color automatically changes by breeding, generating offspring with a possible secondary color.

Craft a Colorful Design Bed

Now you have dyed wool, and now you can build a bed with coloured sheets in Minecraft by following the steps below.

  • In the crafting grid, place one wood plank block in each of the three bottom squares.
  • Then, place a wool block of the same color each into the middle three squares in the crafting grid. In the next, drag the new bed into your inventory.

How to Use a Minecraft Bed

The bed in this game is mainly used in storms and nights where players have to face many challenges. Moving out the bed into your Hotbar, choose it and perform the following space in the world. Keep remember, a bed requires two kinds of block space in Minecraft.

Additionally, placing a bed in dimension is possible, but you should never sleep in the nether or the end. And this can cause a massive explosion that will cause far greater destruction than a block of TNT. However, Villagers can sleep in other dimensions if they cross through a portal without issues.


In conclusion, I would say congrats to you because now you can build a bed in Minecraft without any mobs spawning and sleep away the night. Sleeping in Minecraft is not vital for users because it is a game and you have to play and reach on the Nether or End location to complete the game. Therefore, you can build a bed in the day. Additionally, you can make your own room interior or bed with blocks or woollen dye to make your room fascinating and wonderful. And you can also use it in thunderstorm conditions.