How To Cancel Hulu on Roku TV (An Updated Subs Guide)

Let’s learn how to cancel Hulu on Roku? But before going to terminate the Hulu on Roku method – start with this: what is Hulu? Hulu is one of the most amazing streaming services in the USA for watching live TV channels. It has more than 85 live TV channels for streaming, and amazingly, it has a TV support guide for the users with the show timings. Other than that, the Hulu app has many demanded contents for streaming. This streaming service has two types of subscription demand and lives TV+ on demand. You can buy the live TV+ on-demand subscription on the Roku channel subscription. The process or method to terminate the Hulu on Roku is pretty easy, and therefore we are here to guide you in the below section on the cancelation of Hulu on Roku.

Note: Hulu app has a streaming service subscription that costs about $64.99/ month for live TV channels and on-demand content but includes ads. If you want without ads subscription, the cost is about $70.99/ month. Plus – the subscription also offers free trials for 7 days.

How To Cancel Hulu on Roku TV– 2 Quick Methods

If you have changed your mind and are tired of watching streaming Hulu on Roku, then I have an option for you: terminate the subscription quickly and move to another platform for your interest. Here are the following methods to cancel the subscription from the Roku device and Roku website.

how to cancel hulu free trial on roku
how to cancel hulu free trial on roku

Method No 1 – Terminate Hulu on Roku TV by Using Roku Device

This is the method to terminate the Hulu subscription through the Roku account, and people made this subscription to watch their favorite streaming. Now, here’s how you can proceed.

  • Start your Roku device and further proceed to hit the remote-control home button.
  • Now, by using the directional pad on the Roku remote, find a Hulu subscription and highlight it on the channel grid.
  • Then, click on the asterisk button, and then it will show a launch option to select a manage subscription, which displays the all-key details of your next billing cycle.
  • After showing all the key details, then proceed further to click on cancel subscription. A popup text will appear, which will show the last date to access Hulu.
  • Now, tap on the Done button to cancel your Hulu subscription once again, and then tap on confirm your decision.

 Method No 2 – Cancel Hulu on Roku TV by Using Roku Website

This is another Hulu cancelation process that is done online and involves logging into your Roku account. The following steps guide you on how you can do it easily. So let’s have a look at it.

  • Open a browser on your PC or smartphone and go to the official website of Roku.
  • Now, you must have a login to the Roku account. So go on and log in to the account.
  • Scroll to the manage your subscription category, which is found at the bottom of the next new page.
  • Navigate to the Action subscriptions section and select the Hulu subscription there.
  • Now, choose the cancel subscription and end off after giving an authentic reason for the cancelation.

How to Cancel Direct Subscription from Hulu App

After using the above two cancel subs methods of Hulu subs on Roku, use this method because it is a direct method that is easy to avail. Therefore, if you have already subscribed for the Hulu app and now you want to cancel subs bit in a direct way because you don’t want to use any alternative method. Then you have landed on the right section of this article. Let’s have a look:

how to cancel my hulu account on roku
how to cancel my hulu account on roku
  • Open the Hulu official website or Hulu app, then sign in to your account with one of your Hulu login details.
  • Now, simply click on the icon for your profile at the top-right of the Hulu home page. And select your account.
  • Find the “Cancel your Subscription option, which will show under the “Your Subscription” section, and tap on the cancel button, which is available next to it.

Furthermore, Hulu will offer you to pause the subscription because it can’t cancel the subs. On the other side, you will still have account access, and you will not be charged any penny until you resume the subscription again.

  • Choose the “Continue to Cancel” option, which shows at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then, think to pick a reason for your cancelation and tap on the same button again.

Next, you will see a “We’ll miss ya, [your name] …” window. Select “Go to Account.” This means that your Hulu account is canceled and that your subscription to Hulu ends. Likewise, you can’t access the account through your Roku.

Different Methods of Payment Follow Various Cancellation Policies

Your payment method depends on the cancelation process of the subscription because it affects the way of subs. One positive aspect of subscribing via Roku player is that all subscriptions can be charged at once, keeping things tidy and organized.

In contrast, some users prefer to have their subscriptions charged separately. This is especially useful if you do not want to give Roku any payment information. You can cancel at any time the cancelation process of Hulu subs on Roku TV and it is easy to apply.

Winding Up

Hulu is a necessary part of our lives because it is convenient to use everywhere without having no worries about limitations. And some companies extra charged to renew their services while others offer limited option to cancel them. The following article describes the different methods of the cancel subscription process for you. If you used these methods, let us know which one worked for you.