How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers (Easy Hacks)

Are your Nintendo Switch controllers running out of battery life? Do you instantly want to charge your Nintendo Switch controllers before playing a game? Although there are various controllers you can buy when you own your Nintendo Switch, Each controller is different, and you may notice that every controller has its own way of charging the battery. I know there is nothing more annoying than going to play a game on Nintendo only to find out that your controller battery is almost dead. But thankfully, Nintendo makes it quite simple for players to keep their joy-cons charged, and you can charge them while playing.

However, the console has different play styles; it cannot be easy to stay on top of what’s charged and what isn’t. The joy-cons are the controllers with the Switch and can be charged when linked to the console on the dock or by a USB-C cable. If you use the handheld mode (or have a less flexible switch lite), then it’s quite easy to stay on top of charge levels, but if you mix & match the TV output, handheld play, or TV output, then it’s critical to make sure everything has an abundance of charge when you need it. So let’s discuss how to charge the Nintendo controllers, which will ensure you never have to pause playing.

Step-by-Step Guide to Charge Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Controllers

how to charge the nintendo switch controllers
how to charge the nintendo switch controllers

If you use the Joy-Con as your core Nintendo Switch controller, the battery life will deplete before you know it. Hence, there are some ways to charge it. The simplest way to charge the Joy-Con controllers does not need any extra cables, shelf space, or accessories.

  • Attach the Joy-Con controllers to either side of the Switch until they click. You should see a popup on the screen showing that they are connected.
  • Make sure the switch dock or AC adapter is plugged into a power supply. Either link the adapter’s plug to the USB port of the Nintendo or put the Switch in the dock.
  • Place your Switch into sleep mode by tapping the power button on the top. The joy-con controllers will not charge if the Switch is powered off entirely.
  • Now, wait. Nintendo guesses that it will take about three and a half hours to charge completely, and this charge will last up to 20 hours. To check how much charge they have, just hit the joy-con icon on the switch menu, and you will see the current battery status.

Use Charging Dock to Charge Joy-Cons

If you wish to use a charging dock, the process is quite simple, and you don’t have to leave your Switch turned on.

  • Plug the included cable into the USB on the Nintendo dock for the joy-con charging dock.
  • Now put up to four joy-con controllers into the dock and make sure the lights on the peak are red. When the lights turn green, the controllers are charged completely.

Charging Joy-Cons While Playing

Nintendo also offers to charge your Joy-cons while you are playing. So there are several ways to do that.

  • Take a switch AC adapter and plug it into a wall so that the cord reaches where you will be playing, and plug the USB-C side into the port on the console.
  • Now, link the Joy-Con controllers and get gaming! As long as the Switch is charging, so are the controllers.

Charging Controllers Using a Charging Grip

If you wish to play on a TV and charge your controllers simultaneously, you must purchase a charging grip separately. You can link the controller grip to your AC power unit. Which will charge the controllers even as you use them on another display.

  • Use the cable to link the charging grip to the Nintendo’s dock, view the small slider on top of the charging grip, and place your Joy-Con controllers before shutting the slider.
  • Now play! Your joy-con will now charge as you are using the Nintendo.

Charging the Joy-Con Controllers using a Charging Case

The S-Charge is a Nintendo Switch charging case that involves its own backup battery, similar to that of handy USB chargers, and it can be used to charge the console and its attached controllers on the go.

  • With the S-Charge itself charged (it can be fixed into the switch dock like a pro controller), hit the power button on the left side.
  • Raise the flap on top & link the Switch with the controllers, then shut the flap.
  • Your controllers will be charging. On the Nintendo’s home menu, click on the Joy-Con symbol to open the controller page, and it should specify that it’s linked to a power source.
  • The charger has double the battery capacity of the Switch itself. So you can carry on charging your Joy-Con this way for hours without worrying about the case running out of juice.
  • When you are not using the S-charge, ensure you toggle it off by pressing down on the power option for a few seconds. If you do not do this, it may be gone the next time you need it.

How to See the Battery Status of Joy-Con Controller?

how long do nintendo switch controllers take to charge
how long do nintendo switch controllers take to charge

If a pair of joy-con (or any other kind of wireless controller) is linked to a Nintendo Switch. Here’s how users can see the controller’s battery level and the Switch itself.

  • From the Switch home screen, click on the controllers option at the bottom of the toolbar. It’s right among Album and system settings.
  • From here, players can see the battery status for any linked controllers.
  • Although, the joy-con battery lasts up to 30 hours until it needs to be charged again.

How to Charge Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers?

You’ll need to invest in a pro controller if you play your Switch docked and on TV. Which has a good battery life but still needs to be charged after 40 hours of play. The easiest way to charge a pro controller is to plug it into the USB port on the front Switch’s dock using the included cable.

  • First, you have to plug in. An orange light will pop up on the top of the controller. When the battery is full, the light will quit. It will take 6 hours to charge entirely.
  • However, you can use the controller while it is on charge. But the cable is too short for it to function in some setups.
  • The Switch does not have to be docked for the pro controllers to charge. So you are free to erase it and play in handheld mode as you wait for the controller to charge.

Charging Pro Controller using Charging Dock

If you wish to charge the controllers without a switch dock, you can use third-party charging docks with a low-profile design that fixes anywhere. Such charging docks must be linked to a USB cable power adapter. Once linked, you just have to put your pro-controller on the charging dock to start charging at once.

  • Take out the cable and put it into the port on top of the pro controller.
  • Next, link the USB cable to the AC adapter before plugging it into a wall outlet.
  • Now, put your controller on the charge block. Then it will show you the light turning orange. When the charge is full, the light will turn off. That means the charger is working great.

Now! Charge Your Nintendo Switch Controllers

If you are new to the Nintendo Switch or have problems charging its controllers. So don’t worry. For your ease, we have compiled some of the quickest and simplest ways to charge the Joy-con Nintendo controllers. You can choose any one method which suits your needs the best. However, the controller only needs 3.5 hours to be fully charged. I hope the above guide helps you charge your console’s controller without pausing the game. Let us know in the comment section which method you prefer the most?