How To Collect Honey in Minecraft (Beehive Featured Version)

The Minecraft game introduced the collect honey concept in the 1.14 update, and it came with the option of collecting Honey from the beehive. Mine-craft allows you to collect Honey if you know how to take care of bees. The world is actually needing a little bumblebee more than introducing a new mob which is helpful for millions of users in Minecraft. Still, they want a more updated version of Minecraft, like the beehive version. Because they want to interact with the bees to make the game more interesting, the following bee article will guide how to find, collect, and move the bees and use this adorable new mob in Minecraft.

Material Required to Gather Honey Bunny in Minecraft

The following blog will guide what type of material is required to collect Honey in Minecraft.

  • Glass Bottles: It is used to store Honey in a glass bottle. And every 3 glass pieces will make the three glass bottles.
  • Campfire: The campfire is used to collect Honey safely, and it will make the bees docile and not attack you to collect Honey in Mine-craft.
  • Beehive/Bee nest: To collect Honey, you need a beehive or bee nest to collect Honey. And you can find a beehive in flowers, forests, plains, and hill biomes.

Find a Bees in Minecraft

how to collect honey comb in minecraft
how to collect honey comb in minecraft

To find a bee is not an easy task in Minecraft but finding their egg is so easy because they can spawn naturally on plains, sunflower plains, flower forests, wooded hills, birch jungle, tall birch forest, birch forest hills, and tall birch hills.

Bees gather around bee nests and beehives, and they do not appear at night or in the rain in Minecraft. If you find a bee in the wild and watch it from a distance, follow it home. If the player is playing and using the creative mode, you can spawn bees with a bee spawn egg.

How to Collect Honey in Minecraft – Beehive Updated Version

When playing Minecraft, you will probably see the different types of flora in Minecraft biomes. The game has the most attractive biome that contains flowers such as sunflowers, plains, flowers, forests, and plains. To make tasty Honey in Minecraft – Bees take pollen from the flower to their hive. Additionally, you want to collect Honey from wonderful places, do it safely with the following guide.

  1. Make a crafting table with the four wood planks (Oak, planks, crimson planks, etc.).
  2. Then, place the table on the ground and open it to bring up the 3×3 crafting grid.
  3. Now it’s time to craft a campfire. So, the following material will help you craft a campfire, such as 3 sticks, 1 coal or charcoal, and 3 logs or wood. It arranges the items in the 3×3 grid.
  4. Find out where the beehive or the bee nest is and place the campfire under the hive.
  5. Wait for a few minutes to fill the hive with Honey. You can also check the golden pixel on one side of the block hive.
  6. Use an empty glass bottle for the beehive and use a bottle that depends on the playing platform to collect Honey in Minecraft. And the following platform is here:
  • PC: Right-click and hold
  • Mobile: Tap and hold the screen
  • Xbox: Press and hold LT
  • PlayStation: Press and hold L2
  • Nintendo: Press and hold ZL

How to Use Honey & Honeycomb

The following area will guide on how to use Honey and honeycomb for the playing game purpose:

  • You can use honeycomb to craft a beehive.
  • Dinking Honey is to restore three hunger units and remove poison effects.
  • Using a bottle of Honey in the crafting grid to make a lump of sugar.
  • You can use to place four honey bottles in the crafting grid to make a honey block. The honey block will slow down all the things that touch them anyway.

Making & Moving a Beehive in Minecraft for Honey

Crafting the latter is the only difference between beehive and bee nest in Minecraft. If you want to make a beehive, follow the steps below.

how to collect honey from a beehive in minecraft
how to collect honey from a beehive in minecraft
  • Place three wood planks in the top row and bottom row of the 3×3 crafting grid.
  • Next, place 3 honeycombs in the middle row for making a beehive.
  • Now, the beehive is ready for bees to make Honey in Minecraft, and after that, you can collect Honey in Minecraft.

Furthermore, moving the beehive, including bees, is the next step to follow:

  • Use an anvil (a tool to repair items before breakdown) and place a pickaxe in the first box.
  • Then, place a silk touch enchantment in the 2nd
  • Add the enchanted Pickaxe to your inventory.
  • Put a campfire that is close to the beehive and use the enchanted Pickaxe on the beehive.
  • Gather the beehive block and add it into your hot bar and place it in your garden or wherever you want.

The Difference Between Bee Hive and Bee Nest

There is no big difference between the new bee nest and beehive. The only difference is to have a natural spawn while the other is crafted. And it does not mean they are pointless. Every mob in Minecraft got a new feature that is unique and interesting, and related to new items. Additionally, crafting a beehive gives you a way to cultivate your own colony, like whatever you want. Bees do the bred after using the flower, and it also helps others grow the flower. That means you are providing a home to the bees and breeding them. You can harvest Honey near the beehive area, which happens when the bees are dancing around your gardens, and after making the Honey by bees, you can collect Honey in Minecraft.

Final Words

Everything you should know about collecting Honey in Minecraft because if you play the game, the updated version of bees is there to play. In the beginning, the bees travel and reach the right biome to give the Honey in the beehive. And it’s available for the users. Just keep an eye above to follow the beehive guide. You can begin to make a beehive or beehive empire.  And if you are a greenstone master of the game, you can also craft a honey farm because it gives the sweet and delicious Honey for your next escapade.