How To Dye Leather Armor on Different Versions of Minecraft?

The Minecraft player can change the world into their own fantasy according to their wishes they want to put it. This includes a beautiful garden, a house, tree, or anything else, and you can color leather armor with a different dye. Similarly, fights are part of every game; you just need to prevent yourself from the battle. For this purpose, you need to have a shield-like leather armor in the Minecraft that protects you from any attacks.

You can make the battle more adventurous by putting colors on the weapons and using them with your advanced interest level. But the method of dyeing is massively different because it depends on the versions of Minecraft. The bedrock and java edition requires a different method to dye leather shields in Minecraft, and this guide will be helpful for you to learn more about dyeing and about the dye colors.

The Sketch of Leather Armor

Minecraft is the most popular survival game, and the main purpose of this game is to survive. You just have to face many fights against your enemy or mobs. Now, you must have a particular goal just to protect yourself from any enemy or storm, and if someone attacks you, the armor will work for you like a shield that prevents you during the fights. In addition, there are different types of armor such as leather, chainmail, iron, gold, diamond, and nephrite. The diamond armor is the strongest, and the leather one is the weakest.

Mandatory Material to Dye the Leather Armor

You will need to require the following items to dye the leather shield in Minecraft.

how to dye leather armor in minecraft java
how to dye leather armor in minecraft java
  • Leather Armor – Collect the armor from the cow, horses, or IIamas. It exists in the form of a leather cap, leather boots, leather tunic, or leather pants.
  • Dye – There are 16 colors shown in the pantry box from where you can choose any color according to your colouring requirement. In addition, if you want to make dye, make it from the flower, bones, or cactus, or by combining each dye.
  • Cauldron – Craft the leather armor from the crafting table with seven iron ingots.
  • A Bucket – you will require an empty bucket that will be full of water and turn it into blue color.

How To Dye Leather Armor in Java Edition

Now you have a combination of dye colors with the leather shield. The process of dyeing leather armor is easy to apply, and this is for the java edition. Choose the leather shield you want to color and put it in the crafting menu with the desired color dye. That’s it; the dye color will color the leather shield the desired color for you in Minecraft.

How to Dye Leather Shield in Bedrock Edition

The following steps are to dye the leather armor in the Minecraft bedrock edition.

  • Craft a Caution

A caution is a Minecraft container that holds down the lava, water, and powder snow. The main purpose of caution is to hold the mixture of dye and water. Additionally, making a cauldron is one of the easiest crafting tasks. You only need seven iron ingots and a 3*3 crafting menu. You will need to arrange seven iron ingots in a “U” shape to make a Cauldron in the 3*3 crafting menu.

  • Add Water & Dye to the Cauldron

After crafting the Cauldron, it will be placed in your hot bar, and now you can drag the Cauldron from the Hotbar and place it on the ground. Then add water into it, but you need a water bucket to add water to the Cauldron.

You also have to craft a water bucket using three iron ingots placed in the 3*3 crafting menu in a V shape. And to fill the bucket, use a natural source like ponds and rivers. After filling the Cauldron with water, the next step is adding a dye available in the hot bar. The color of the water will change once you add it to the Cauldron.

  • Use Cauldron to Dye the Leather Armor

Drag the leather shield from the Hotbar and place it in the Cauldron after you have placed the Cauldron on the ground and added water and dye to it. Taking this route will give you the desired color for the armor, similar to the dye color.

How to Color Leather Armor Sets – Pack of 4 Sets

Here is the complete pack of leather armor: leather boots, tunic, pants, and leather caps. All these items are required to make the leather quantity vary. However, you can also change the color of these items. Here’s how you can do it.

how to dye leather armor in minecraft
how to dye leather armor in minecraft
  • Dye the Leather Boots

The armor will give you +1 to your Defense, and you can make it by placing four pieces of leather on the crafting table.

how to dye leather armor in minecraft xbox 360
how to dye leather armor in minecraft xbox 360
  • Dye Leather Tunic

Using this armor, you can defend yourself from harmful attacks and gain +3 armor. The leather can be made by placing 8 pieces of leather on a crafting table.

how to dye leather armor in minecraft 1.14
how to dye leather armor in minecraft 1.14
  • Dye Leather Cap

This capped leather will give you +1 armor, and you can prevent your head with it. A crafting table may be used to create this item by placing five pieces of leather armor to dye it – as shown below:

how to dye leather armor in minecraft xbox 360 edition
how to dye leather armor in minecraft xbox 360 edition
  • Dye Leather Pant

You can use this to protect your lower body since it will provide you with two extra points of armor. The leather can be made by placing 7 pieces on a crafting table:

how to dye leather armor in minecraft xbox 1
how to dye leather armor in minecraft xbox 1

The Minecraft Colour Dyes

There are 14+ different dyes for the player in Minecraft that can be used to change the dye of their armor leather. However, you can create these colors with a crafting table using rocks, vegetables, flowers, and more. Here is the combined list of dyes.

  1. Red – found on village farm
  2. Green – found in desert biomes
  3. Light Grey & Pink
  4. Lime Green – found underwater in warm ocean biomes
  5. Yellow & Light Blue
  6. Magenta & Orange
  7. Blue – found in caves as a blue ore
  8. Brown – Found in jungle biomes
  9. Black – ink sacs and wither roses
  10. White–bone meal and lily of the valley
  11. Purple – combine one red dye
  12. Cyan – Combining one green dye with one blue dye.
  13. Orange – Combining a red dye with a yellow dye.
  14. Grey – Combining a white dye with a black dye.

The majority of dyes, you can be found in the form of flowers, and flowers forest biomes are the best location to find the biggest diversity of colorful flowers.

No More Interruptions

Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular games, and everyone in this era is playing with it. This game has a vast place where you can build anything you want and also color any material with the dye. In this article, the dye is used to color the leather Armor, including 4 sets of leather, but how you can dye it. You will not know; therefore, this guide is made for you to learn more about dyeing.