How to Factory Reset Ps4 (A Complete Guide)

If you are bored with your PS4 and want to update your gaming console like the PS5, Xbox Xseries, etc. First, you have to know how to Factory reset your Ps4. Before selling, make sure to backup your data and protect your data from any misuse.

Moreover, if you face glitches, errors, or game freezing, the factory reset will also help you resolve the problems. But, resetting the PS4 will entirely clean your data, so make sure to back up the data on your PS4 on cloud storage or any external drive. To back up the data from a PS4, you must have a PlayStation Plus account. Now let’s discuss the various ways to Factory reset the Playstation 4 console and back up the console’s data.

How to Back Up Your PS4 Console’s Data

If you want to Factory reset the PS4 console before the reset, make sure to Backup all of your data. Backups can be performed in one of two ways: on an external device or in a PlayStation plus cloud. Follow the steps to Backup the games and data.

how to reset ps4 to factory settings
how to reset ps4 to factory settings

On External Device-

You can use any external drive to keep your data safe. Here are some steps below to Backup the data on a drive.

  • Fix the USB to the PS4 console. Open the settings of the PlayStation 4.
  • Select “Application saved data.” From here, choose “Saved data in Storage.”
  • Next, click on “Copy to a USB drive.” And then click on the files you want to Backup. You can select several files at a time.
  • After that, select “copy.”

Note that the above method will not backup trophies. To backup trophies, you need to use the PlayStation network.

On the Playstation Plus Cloud-

To apply this method, you must have acquired a PlayStation Plus subscription. It will benefit you and provide you with 100GB of storage and free games. Here are the steps for backing up to the cloud.

  • Open the settings and choose the “application saved data management.”
  • Next, get on “Select Auto-Upload” and pick the games you want to upload.

How to Factory *Reset on a PS4 Console & Deactivate a PSN Account

When you face issues of bugs, errors, and glitches on your PS4, try to reset it to resolve the problems. But remember to back up all your data from the console. Otherwise, reset will remove all of your data. In addition, sometimes, you have to go further to reset the ps4 to fix the errors. First, you have to deactivate the PSN account on your PS4. Now let’s learn some steps that help to perform the reset.

how to factory reset ps4 without controller
how to factory reset ps4 without controller

1)     Deactivate your PSN Account On the PS4 Console

First, deactivate your account to reset the ps4 console. Here are some steps that might help you to deactivate the account.

  • Go to the settings of your ps4 and then choose the PSN (play station network) Account.
  • Tap on the Activate as Your Primary PS4 option. After that, select Deactivate.
  • Tap yes to confirm it. After the completion of the deactivate process, tap okay.

2)     PS4 Factory Reset from the Console Dashboard

When you want to reset the console, Backup your data and use the console method. Follow the steps that help you reset from the dashboard.

  • First, sign in to your account and open the settings.
  • Choose Initialization, next click on the Initialize PS4.
  • After that, choose the Full and then initialize. Next, click on yes to confirm it.

3)     Perform the Factory Reset Console in A Safe Mode

You can also try the method of reset in a safe mode to wipe your data. Here are the steps to reset the console.

  • Push the power button on the ps4 console and wait a few seconds to hear the 2 beeps. So the console starts to boost in a safe mode.
  • After that, you will see the list of the available options. So, move down then you will see the option “Restore Default Settings.” To reset the ps4 into a factory setting and keep all the data.
  • Next, if you are facing software issues because of the OS of PS4. Then, choose the Initialize PS4 to remove all the user data and restore the console to factory settings.

4)     Reinstall the PlayStation 4 software system.

If you have tried all the above methods and they did not work, you could reinstall the system software to reset the PS4. If you face errors or issues within your console, it is best to initialize the PS4 to reinstall the system software. To install the software, you must have a USB with 2 GB of space. The process will be time-consuming, so follow the steps to reinstall the system.

  • Go to the browser on your PC and head to the PS4 firmware site.
  • Then, download the firmware file from the section of reinstallation. It is the complete version of the ps4.
  • After that, format your USB, and make a folder with the name of PS4 on the drive.
  • Next, make another folder inside PlayStation 4 and give the Update’s name. Then move the above folder into the Update folder.
  • Ensure that the download file uses the PUP as its name. Then, attach the drive to the console.
  • Next, boot Ps4 into the safe mode by holding the power button to beep twice.
  • Then, choose the (Reinstall system software) initialize ps4. After that, click on the Update from the drive, and then okay.
  • Wait for some time for the console to reinstall the system software.
  • After that, your play station 4 back to the factory settings with the firmware.

Ensure that you have used the proper folder name and that the file is not corrupt.

5)     Factory Reset the PS4 Console with No Controller

You can also Factory res-et the PS4 console without a controller. We will explain how to reset the console with no controller. You can connect an external keyboard but make sure the keyboard cable has a USB type A connector. If you have a wireless keyboard, it will also benefit you. In addition, if you do not have a keyboard, use a mouse instead of Keyboard.

Moreover, you can also use the PS4 Application, which is already available for iOS and Android for free. When you connect the app with ps4, it works as a controller.


Although PlayStation issues are uncommon, if you do encounter one, the methods listed above will assist you in Factory resetting your PS4 console to resolve glitches and errors. Keep in mind that if you reset the console, it will wipe all your data. So, before resetting the PS4, make a backup of all your data. So first, deactivate the PSN account using the above methods and then reset the PS4. The blog contains all the factory reset methods of PS4 that will help you reset the console. If you have any questions or comments about the topic, please leave them in the comments section.