How To Game Share on Ps4: All You Need to Know

PS4 is, arguably, one of the most played consoles of Sony. Though PS5 is still making headlines, its predecessor hooked the gamers in. Especially with its Share Play or Game Share, you can share your game libraries with your Playstation4 friends. This guide will give you a walkthrough on how to Gameshare on PS4.

There is a total of 2 methods to use the feature of Share Play to exchange the digital copies of games to your PS4 friend. It is pertinent to mention that Share Play requires both players to have a subscription to PlayStation Plus.

How to Game Share on Ps4

The first way is through Game Share. This is called game sharing. The Game-share feature is similar to lending your friend a physical disk, now in digital form. But it has one drawback: Both of you cannot play simultaneously. Plus, a subscription to PlayStation Plus is also a must.

  1. Take your friend’s PS4 console and log in
  2. Go to the settings
  3. Open the Account Management
  4. Choose the option of Activate as Your Primary PS4 and YES to confirm it. After this, deactivate your console, just in case, and, yes, it can be reactivated.

These steps enable you and your friend to share their game libraries and the option of quickly downloading them into the console’s hard drive.

How to Game Share on PS4: Share Play

Share Play has different steps than GameShare when it comes to sharing games digitally.

  1. Go to the Invite Players screen, now add the friend with whom you want to play by simply searching or selecting them via your friend list. Send Invitation, choose this option from following the instructions.
  2. Open the game to play
  3. Tap on the Share Button present on the Dual Shock 4 controller
  4. Now select the Share Play on the screen
  5. Press the button to select the friend you want to share and play from your friend list. The game will start afterward for 1 hour and can be renewed.

The other person you have to share the game with can now see and hear you with microphones. Moreover, you can also let your friend try the game during the session.

  1. From your controller, tap the SHARE
  2. Select the GO TO PARTY FOR SHARE PLAY option on the screen
  3. Choose GIVE CONTROLLER TO VISITOR to let your friend in-charge
  4. From there, you have two options. One, ALLOW VISITOR TO PLAY AS YOU or PLAY A GAME TOGETHER. The latter option is for multiplayer mode, while the latter is about single players. PlayStation Plus membership of the host is a must.

Tips To Notice on Game Sharing on PS4

The PS4 game sharing is one of the most used features. However, there are some things to be aware of before playing the game via game sharing.

For one, game sharing requires sharing sensitive information like passwords and account-related information. Ensure the person you share this sensitive information with is trustful. The other reason for extra emphasis on the other person’s trustworthiness is that the other person can access your account of PlayStation, where you carried out payments to get games.

PS4 allows you to change the password after completing the accessing steps. After changing the password, the other person cannot get into your account but still can exercise access to your games.

The person with you is game sharing; if it gets a PS4 of his, then the steps mentioned above will be again carried out to do game sharing.

Last but not least, if you want to deactivate a PS4 that is inaccessible from your side for some reason. Meaning your console malfunctioned or your game-sharing partner stopped sharing. In these situations:

  1. Go to the account management page of Sony
  2. Select the option of Device Management
  3. Follow this pattern Management – PlayStation Systems – Games – Deactivate All Devices

This deactivation process can only be carried out once in six months. So, choose wisely! The guide of how to Gameshare on PS4 ends here.