How To Get A Trident In Minecraft (An Easy Updated Guide)

You have already known everything about the most popular game “Minecraft” and its various weapons, but do you know Minecraft has a unique weapon named “Trident” that keeps its players curious about how to get a tri-dent in Minecraft? Let me give you a quick intro to Trident. It is a dropped weapon, cannot be crafted, and it is a very rarest weapon contrasting to others. A trident is also known as an exotic weapon. It is added to Minecraft in the aquatic update to fight underwater battles with marine animals. It is pretty scary but perfect for underwater fighting and a life-saving weapon for players to keep checking their breath. However, finding a trident might be complex for you, but this article will assist you in getting it conveniently.

An Overview of Minecraft & Trident in Minecraft

Minecraft is an electronic Sandbox game where players create their fantasy world out of 3D blocks, which looks like a cartoon. This game was developed by Markus Persson in 2009 and officially released in 2011. In this game, a player can either play alone or collaborate to create a shared universe with various materials, including stone, wood, mud, etc. The players in this fantastic game are presented with infinite possibilities to have fun while creating worlds. They meet unfriendly characters such as Zombies, skeletons, witches, and spiders, which can be killed using different tools. It has been seen that the children in their mid-teens enjoy playing it.

You may find several weapons in *Minecraft, but the Trident has its specialty because it’s a rare drop from enemies and cannot be obtained through traditional means. It’s a weapon to be used in any underwater scenario. Its extremely versatile weapon can be used as a melee weapon or a ranged throwable weapon. This weapon’s significant advantage is that its speed does not get slowed when traveling through water. Lastly, you need to combine it with another trident in an anvil for repairing a trident.

How to Get a Trident in Minecraft (Easy to Get)

how to get a trident in minecraft fast
how to get a trident in minecraft fast

The drop rate of the Tri-dent in Minecraft is about 8.5%. You have better chances of getting a trident by killing at least a few drowned mobs tridents till then, and they drop the Trident. After that, you’ll hardly get 1 or 2 tridents of drowned enemies. Otherwise, there’s no crafting recipe for this weapon. Players have to scout out a lot to find a single trident because of only a few of the drowned carry trident.

Once you achieve it, you can now swing it like a sword-type weapon to kill your enemies. Press or hold the button to drag it back once you reach it. When a button is released, you can throw it in a long arc just like an arrow goes. If it targets the mobs, it will be on nearby land. If it hits a block, then it’ll get stuck to it. Eventually, if you go through to the landing site, you can retrieve any trident, but it cannot recover if the drowned throw the tridents.

The Trident has its seven special enchantments. To clarify, we have mentioned these enchantments and their descriptions that you’ll be required to obtain your own Minecraft trident. It is also necessary to kill the mobs, which makes this weapon even deadlier. In the next section, you will see the enchantment for Trident to improve its features of the Trident.

Minecraft Enchantments & Their Descriptions

Enchantments are used to improve the amazing features of the Trident, and It is better to be clear about these enchantments and their effectiveness. Below, we have penned down everything about each enchantment application and its fascinating practical abilities. So let’s have a look.

  • Loyalty: A thrown trident gets returned to its player instantly.
  • Riptide: Throwing Trident enchanted with Riptide allows you to cover a large swath of ground at once, but this enchantment also lets players fly with the Trident to deal splash damage.
  • Unbreaking: It increases the random durability of the trident.
  • Mending: You can restore the trident durability while taking the experience orbs.
  • Channeling: When you use the Trident enchanted with channeling during a thunderstorm, it hits mobs, which causes massive damage to the enemy.
  • Impaling: If you desire underwater hunting, it’s better to try this enchantment as it increases damage against aquatic creatures, such as drowning, guardians, and older guardians.
  • Curse of Vanishing: Trident disappears right after the player dies.

Final Thoughts

Above all, we have mentioned all the crucial points about Trident in Minecraft and different types of enchantments to boost its specification. It’s worth saying that Tri-dent is one of the best weapons available in Minecraft. It’s a weapon that cannot be crafted. There’s only one condition to get this weapon, killing the drowned mob underwater. Furthermore, the Trident deals more mele damage than a diamond sword having very low durability, so make sure to save it for special occasions. Let us know if you ever use this weapon in Minecraft in the comment box.