Step-By-Step Guide of How to Get .Edu Email in 2021

What is .Edu Email Address?

A .edu email address is an official email address awarded by education institutions like schools, colleges, and universities to their students and teacher to exchange official university emails. The format of the .edu email goes like this [email protected].

There are a lot of benefits of .edu email and there are countless free stuff with .edu email is available for students to avail themselves.

Now, there arises a question, how to get a free .edu email if you are not a student? And, want to create a .edu email free to get amazing discount offers available only for the .edu email address. If you ever feel like “I need a .edu email address,” but do not know how to create a .edu email free, then your search is over today.

In this article, I shall show you multiple methods to create a .edu email and tell you tons of benefits, and discounts you get when you make a .edu email.

Free Edu Email Address
Free Edu Email Address

Tons of Benefits Of .Edu Email Address:

There are a lot of people in the world who do not even know about the existence of a .edu email. That sounds funny, but that’s the truth. Do not think of a .edu email as an ordinary email. There are huge organizations that offer amazing discounts on products and services if you have a .edu email address.

I shall show you some of the top benefits of .edu email because, to sum up all the benefits and discounts in one article is nearly impossible.

Edu Email
Edu Email

Github Student Developer Pack:

The first and the most important benefit of the .edu email address is the Github Student Developer Pack. The best free developer service, and tool for students across the globe. The Github Student Pack never comes alone; it brings 12 other amazing .edu email discounts.

The Github student discounts include; $50 Digital Ocean Coupon, $15 Amazon AWS Coupon, and $25 credit of HackHands, and the list can go on.

  • GitHub: Github normally charges $7/month from general users, but for .edu email it offers unlimited private repositories.$15 Amazon Web Service (AWS) coupon.
  • $50 Digital Ocean coupon for new .edu email accounts only.
  • HackHands offers $25 credit to students.
  • Travis CI: Student Access to Private Builds that typically charges $69 a month.
  • Bitnami: Business 3 Plan free for ONE year, which usually costs $49/month.
  • DNSimple: free access to DNSimple for 2 years which usually costs $5/month.
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Suit with developer tools: MS Azure, VS Community version for students.
  • com: Free .ME domain name and SSL certificate for one year.
  • Crowdflower: Which is officially “Figure Eight” now, provides free access to students having .edu email. Top-notch Machine Learning Dataset provider in the world.
  • Orchestrate: Free access to developer account that costs $49 per month.
  • SendGrid: Free Student Plan with 15,000 free emails/month.

Microsoft DreamSpark Subscription:

Create an edu email and get MS DreamSpark free access to software and developer tools for students and teachers.

There are unlimited benefits of a .edu email address. Get Edu email and enjoy free domain names and much more.

 Amazon Student Programs:

Get free edu email addresses and sign up for Amazon Student Programs. Use the .edu email address to get free six months subscription from Amazon Student Account. The Amazon Student Programs offer many benefits:

  • Unlimited streaming movies, music, and TV shows.
  • Free TWO-Day shipping for students.
  • Unlimited storage space from Amazon Prime Photos for students.
  • Exclusive Deals for students with .edu email.

LastPass Password Manager:

Create a .edu email and get free six months LastPass Premium offer to save your passwords in one place and enjoy secure access from any device.

Newegg Premier Student:

Get discounts from on Laptops, computer products, digital Cameras, Office supplies, LED and LCD TVs, and much more.

Select “Student Only” when you sign up on after you Verify your .edu email and get a 40% instant discount.

Discounts From Apple:

Create .edu email free and get up to a $200 discount on Apple Computers.

Spotify Premium Student:

Get up to 50% discounts using .edu email on Spotify Premium Student for 4 years. You can renew the subscription up to 3 times after every 12 months.

Unlimited Google Drive:

With a .edu email address get a 5TB per file size limit for students.

Fake Edu Email
Fake Edu Email

How to Get a Free .Edu Email Address?

To create a .edu email address free in 2021 seems to a necessity for everyone. The method to create a .edu email address is very simple and easy. In some cases, you might need a VPN to connect to US IP address. Now, let us move on to the steps to get .edu email free.


  • Open the website “Diablo Valley College”, and click on “Enroll as a New Student.”
  • You will have to create a “CCCApply” account to create a .edu email address on this website. Go to the website and click on “Step One Apply”, then CCCApply.
  • You will get your email address after a few hours.

The first method was this short. But, make sure you create a CCCApply account before you get to this method.


Here is another method to get free .edu email address in 2021 (100% working). With this method, you can expect up to 3 days to get your free edu email.

  • Connect a VPN to your computer and set IP to US address.
  • Go to the website of “Illinois Central College” and proceed to registration.
  • Enter your information into the input fields of the form that appear on the screen.
  • For address, use US address to fill the address field.
  • Use your own email address in the email field. The reason for this is the information of the .edu email address shall be sent to that email address.
  • In the next step, some random questions shall be asked, answer those random questions and click next.
  • The next step is filling in the academic information, fill this section carefully. Any kind of mistake can cause the cancelation of the process.
  • Select the graduation year and the University of your Choice.
  • In the last step click “I certify…” and submit the application form.


There is another method of how to make a .edu email.

  • Go to the website of “College of the Sequoias”,
  • Click on “How to Apply.”
  • Search for “CCCApply” and click on it.
  • Click the “Create An Account” option next.
  • The first information form will appear to enter your basic information like First name, Middle Name, Last name, Date of Birth, and Social Security Number.
  • On the next page, enter the term you are applying for like spring, autumn, summer, etc.
  • Then, in the next step, enter all your academic information High School, College, Graduation etc.
  • Fill in your citizenship information.
  • Enter your residency information.
  • In the next step, enter information about your Extra-Curricular activities.
  • In the next step enter the Demographic information. Gender, Race/Ethnicity.
  • “Supplemental Questions” shall be asked in the next step. Emergency contact number.
  • In the next step submit the application. And the process is complete.

After 24 hours you will receive .edu email free on your email address which you entered in the application form.


There are a lot of other ways to make a .edu email address, some people even try to make a fake edu email. In this article, we discussed legitimate methods to get a .edu email. In 2021, people should get a .edu email address to enjoy the benefits and discount it can unlock for you. Therefore, I would strongly recommend you to create an edu email address free and enjoy tons of benefits.