How to Have No name in Among Us on Android, iOS & PC

People are crazy about the Among Us game & If you are playing a game online and want to play as a nameless character, having a no-tag is a valuable trick that allows you to play unnoticed easily. Hence, a patch in the Game made it impossible to play online with a vacant title. However, you can still use a special dot character to play without a title, but the blank name trick only works when we play among us locally.

Moreover, it would not be easy to get noticed in the Game when you have a blank title. Players who play on PC are not allow to keep a blank tag, but phone users can easily get their names blank by putting a tiny dot in the username. People keep the blank names because when it comes to killing the crewmates while avoiding suspicion, imposters need every edge they can get. So that’s why players use the blank tag to make it hard for other people to notice. So let’s learn how to have no name among us on PC, iOS, and Android.

Introduction of the Among Us Game

Among Us is a multiplayer online social trickery video game that you can download for free on your Android or iOS devices. If you want to play it on the PC, you have to purchase it and play with a group of people between 4 and 10, either with friends or strangers. The Game will gain so much popularity in 2020 as you will be able to play it on the PS4, PS5, Xbox series, and Nintendo Switch. Moreover, among us is a space-themed game in which players’ appearances are like armless cartoon astronauts. Each player has one or two roles. Some are crewmates, and a small number of players are imposters who cannot modify their appearance.

The crew aims to either recognize or vote out the imposters to complete the whole task around the map. And the imposter aims to secretly disrupt the mission by killing crewmates before they complete the task of setting up a disaster that cannot determine.

How to Get Blank Name In Among Us

You are not allowed to leave blank spaces in your character tag or leave it empty among us. And if you hit the “create game,” then the blank box will condemn it. But, there is a chance to use a black username as the Unicode Hangul filler appears as an empty space but allows the Game to register the occurrence of the text.

how to have no name in among us ipad
how to have no name in among us ipad

1.      Have a No Title In Among Us on iOS & Android

There is a trick to carry out if you play the Game among us on mobile phones. So here are the steps you should follow.

  • Place the Unicode between the quotation marks like “.”
  • Click and hold between the two, then select the copy. It will appear.
  • Next, boot up among us and select “local” or “online.”
  • After that, you will see the blank field where you must enter the character nametag.
  • Then, here, press the Unicode and click inside the field.
  • Confirm that you only pasted the text, then click on OK to proceed.
  • After that, select “Create Game” to start and then find “Game” to check for a public game. Next, you have to enter a code to join the private Game.
  • Your nametag will be displayed as a tiny dot when you join the Game.

2.      Get An Empty Name Among Us On PC

The process of getting a blank nametag among us on PC is not that simple. Follow the steps to get the blank nametag.

  • First, you have to give yourself an “Among Us” nametag. To do this, you need a placeholder there to alter it.
  • Then open your local files on the system to open up user folders.
  • Next, from the address bar beside your username, type “/AppData” and press return. Which will bring you back into the AppData folder
  • After that, go to the LocalLow folder.
  • Next, launch PlayerPrefs and then open the Innersloth folder, where you will locate different game files among us. Select the text editor such as Notepad to open the file. Then click on the playersPrefs and choose “open with.”
  • Then, you have to apply some tricks after several factually false statements consequent in the player settings. Next, you will see a placeholder name that says “Not Sus for us.” So here you have to copy the Unicode enclosed in quotation marks.
  • Next, copy the Unicode into Notepad and delete your accessible nametag. Remember that the Unicode will not be visible in some web browsers. So, you have to copy two quotation marks. Likewise, the code will be inside, and the extra will remove.

Furthermore, we stated that you would be unable to use the hidden title online. Unless the Innersloth decides to restore it. So, you will only be able to play among us with an empty tag in local or free mode.

One More Method to Get A Blank Name: Glitchy Luck

how to have no name in among us mobile
how to have no name in among us mobile

We will give you another chance because most players are online and are disappointed that they can’t advance by using the trick. As we all know, we cannot get a blank nametag without any tricks. However, when the group of friends loaded in among us, they were surprised that their friend’s name and profile appeared invisible. No one could see who and where he was. On top of that, the glitch held strong even after the Game started. Most members observed the avatar as question marks, and others saw a profile. So, when the meeting was called, no one could see a person’s title in the entire Game.

So, the unseen nametag brought luck to the guy, as he was able to play a game as a successful imposter because no one alleged him. But the problem is that we can’t seem to get the glitch consistently. So, it is just a chance method that you will get an empty title in among us.

Final Words

Among us, becoming a success overnight with the millions of players. We have already mentioned the methods to get the no-nametag among us on Android, iOS, and PC. So the advantage of the blank title is that you can easily take screenshots and make videos quickly. However, it allows the imposters to kill more easily and quickly, and if the crewmates have a blank name, they can hide better. And the real advantage is that it is difficult for the players to notice you during the Game. So tell us about your experience among us and how far you have gotten.