How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft & How to Use It

You are wondering about making a saddle in Minecraft for a faster transportation method. Minecraft saddles make Transportation more accessible and get you to your destination faster. Moreover, there are various ways in which you can craft a saddle. As a result, people are constantly looking for ways to make a *saddle in Minecraft. However, you cannot actually craft a saddle other than that. You have to find it through various things explained in the blog. You can make a saddle by crafting looting chests and pits, and when you have done the crafting, you can also move the Saddle into the Inventory. But now, in this blog, we will first learn how to make a *saddle in Minecraft and the places to find it.

Introduction of the Minecraft Game

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in history, and the nature of the game makes it accessible to everyone and instantly popular among fans. Minecraft is a highly booming sandbox video game and has become the best-selling video game among people of all ages. However, the gameplay of Minecraft is simple and easy, in which players explore the generated 3D world and create their fantasy world. The game permits players to have free rein over the world and the need for materials to craft and determine the other valuable items in the game and explore the ever-changing Minecraft world. Minecraft is a fantastic place to show your creativity by building anything you imagine.

What is Saddle in Minecraft Game?

how to make a saddle in minecraft ps4
how to make a saddle in minecraft ps4

A *saddle is the most valuable item in Minecraft and is used to ease Transportation to ride animals. It is one of the rare items you have to find and collect on the map, and it is not a craftable item. It is impossible to craft a saddle, but you can locate saddles in unusual locations in different modes. To carry a saddle, you have to locate the best seat for the Saddle in Transportation. There are some exceptions where you can also find the Saddle, as some animals hold the Saddle, but if you kill them, you may lose it.

How to Make Saddle in Mine craft

Saddles are used for many purposes in Minecraft. It would help if you had a saddle, but you could not craft one. Instead, you have to find the Saddle in different chests in dungeons and temples, including fishing, trade, and exploration. So there are some ways through which you can find the Saddle. Now let’s see the ways to find the Saddle in Minecraft.

how to make a horse saddle in minecraft
how to make a horse saddle in minecraft

1.      Find a Saddle through a Treasure Chest in the Dungeons

Dungeons are small rooms where you will find a monster in the center with a couple of chests. Most dungeons are located underground, and they must have contained saddles. When you encounter a dungeon, find a chest and check what is inside it, as each chest will have different items. Consider yourself lucky if you find a saddle in a chest with other valuable items and add them to your Inventory.

In both editions of the game, you can locate saddles in chests at these locations, such as Bastion remnants, Desert temples, Jungle temples, end cities, nether fortresses, and villages. The chances to find the chest in Nether Fortress are more.

So, to reach the nether fortress, you first have to craft the obsidian. You have to start digging carefully to find a cave. Moreover, desert temples are located in desert biomes, and the chests are fringe in the pyramids in a room. As treasure boxes are bound by TNT trap, it will destroy the chest and you if you step on it.

2.      Find a saddle in Minecraft through Fishing:

You can also find a saddle by fishing, so cast your fishing line into a water body and check that the bubbles are coming out of the water. Please wait until the bubbles come out, and when the bubbles come, it means signals reels in the fishing line. If you get the Saddle, it will automatically move into your Inventory. However, the chances of obtaining the Saddle through fishing are slim. For fishing, all you need is a fishing rod.

3.      Find a Saddle by Trading With a Master Leatherworker

You can also find a saddle from the master leatherworker villagers. But there are exceptions; first, you need to level up the villager. If you do not level up, you will never get the Saddle. The level will increase by trading the emeralds, flint, and the things villagers want. When you come to level 5 (Master), you can exchange the Saddle in trade for emeralds. If you are playing a “Bedrock” version game, then there is only a 50% chance they offer Saddle in exchange for emeralds in Minecraft.

4.      Find the Saddle to Kill a Ravager

Ravagers do not appear suddenly, so people fear ravagers threaten their lives. They only spawn throughout the pillagers’ raid. If you want to get the *Saddle, you have to kill the Ravager in Minecraft. It is a game event when a player with a Bad Omen curse enters a village. If you kill any raider, the bad Omen will affect the player, so do not enter the village with the Omen. You can remove the Omen by drinking milk. In any case, if you enter the village with Omen, then you have to face the villagers and the ravagers, as the ravagers are strong and big enemies that look like bulls. So try to deal with the ravagers. If you kill them, they will drop the Saddle.

How to Use a “Saddle” in Minecraft

When you get the Saddle, it’s now time to use it. You have to choose to ride so many options, like donkeys, horses, and mules, as saddles use to ease the Transportation of animals. The Saddle can also mount on various mobs in the game. The other mobs are skeleton horses, strides, and pigs. Each animal can be brought under control by continuously mounting them until they stop bucking you off. Once they are in control, use the Saddle on them.

·         Using a Saddle on a Horse

Horses are the fastest means of Transportation for a player in Minecraft. They can reach up to 14.23 blocks per second. When the horses are under control, they can ride without a saddle. But, you will need a saddle when they are not tamed.

·         Using a Saddle to Transport Pigs in Minecraft

You can also put pigs into the Saddle to ride when they are tamed, and you can also unlock a 40G trophy. By doing this, the trophy will unlock for you. When you place a pig in a saddle, its trophy is associated. So you have to ride a pig on the Saddle and then make them fall off a distance of 5. Doing this will unlock a trophy for you and earn you a game score.

·         Using Saddle to transport Striders

A different kind of mob in Minecraft is striders, which can also ride with a *saddle. A strider can be ridden, but it cannot be controlled. Striders are found in the Netherland world, and they are not tamed like other mobs.

·         Using Saddle for Donkeys & Mules

They are both in the same category, and these animals can be ride without a saddle, but you need a saddle to control them. If you are using a saddle on mules or donkeys, you can get it back without killing the poor souls.


The Saddle in Minecraft is used to ride the various mobs in Minecraft. It is non craftable and can only be found in the different places mentioned in the blog. So, it depends on you which route you choose to find the Saddle. The only purpose of the Saddle is to help players in the game ride the mobs. The blog comprises all the possibilities for making a *saddle in Minecraft and where you can find them. So, you can equip them with your mobs.