How to Make Paper in Minecraft (All you Need to Know)

Do you want to know how to make your own Paper in Minecraft? If so, then here we will give you a step-by-step guide for creating your own Paper. As we all know, the Minecraft game is totally based on crafting. Hence, Paper is a magnificent thing and a valuable material used in everyday life, from covering books, gifts, even crafts Paper, and various other items requiring Paper for crafting, such as maps, fireworks, rockets, books, etc.

Moreover, You can obtain the papers from different locations while exploring the world of Minecraft, mostly in randomly generated chests of shipwrecks, villages, and strongholds. Moreover, you will require 3 sugarcanes to make a single piece of Paper, and you will get sugarcane from various places near water in a game.

Why do We Need Papers In Minecraft

Paper is an essential and precious item to craft several necessary items. It is used in creating bookshelves, maps, books, enchantment tables, banners, and much more. In addition, it is a multi-purpose material and has the same value as it does in the real world. So it is pretty simple to make Paper, and the crafting materials are easy to obtain. It is more often used for making books that are necessary to make an enchantment table. Hence, it is obligatory to craft the more advanced items.

how to make a paper in minecraft
how to make a paper in minecraft

How To Make & Craft the Paper in Minecraft

Creating a paper in a game with the perfect ingredients is straightforward. Players need three sugar canes lined up on a crafting table to construct three papers. You can find these sugar cane plants near water along its edge and have a high possibility of spawning in swamp and desert biomes. Luckily, sugar cane is quickly farmable, and when you get it, you can harvest it. When you have done it, then it’s time to craft a paper.

Crafting A Paper

When you have gathered the maximum number of sugarcanes, it’s time to craft the table and enter the crafting choices. When you place the sugarcanes in a row, they will produce the three papers. After that, you have to put the papers from the rightmost box in the crafting grid into your inventory. Hence, it is the most popular method to get Papers in the world of Minecraft.

Where we Can Make Use of the Paper in A Game

Paper itself has no use in a game, but it helps craft other essential items such as books, bookshelves, maps, and creating different banners, fireworks rockets, and much more. Hence, books are useful for craft lecterns & enchantment tables and as trading enchanting. Moreover, it becomes a crucial item in the survival world of Minecraft. In addition, Paper is also used in trading with cartographers and librarians in both bedrock and java editions.

How to Create Paper Maps in Minecraft

As we mentioned above, paper maps are the most widely used paper items in a game. Here is a process to create it. It is made out of eight paper items and with one Compass.

·         Discover Redstone Dust

You need four iron Ingot things and 1 Redstone Dust item for creating a compass. It has the look of Iron with reddish spots on it. It can usually mind by delving deeper into the mountains.

·         Craft Four Iron Ingots

You first have to mine iron Ore that you will easily find in the Mountainous areas to craft it. When you have done up mining four Iron Ore items, go to a furnace &  untie the furnace menu. Moreover, remember that you will also require fuel to craft an Iron Ingot. Now you have to add iron ore & craft an Iron Ingot. Then, you have to go over the process four times until you have four iron ingots in your inventory.

·         Craft A Compass

After adding the iron ingots into your inventory, now you have a Redstone and four iron ingots. Then, find a way to the crafting table and open the 3×3 grid. Next, you have to put the Redstone Dust in the center of the grid and place each of the four iron ingots directly over, left, right, or below the grid’s center. After that, place your Compass into your inventory.

·         Now, Craft a Paper Map in Minecraft

Now, open the 3×3 crafting menu again and place your Compass in the grid’s center. Next, fill up the left ver eight fields with paper items. Then, shift the paper map item to your inventory.

How to Make A Paper of Awakening in a Game

It is an item used in the game to invite a golem mob who will act like wolves. A Golem will be friendly with you and protect you against mobs that attack you. In addition, you cannot make an awakening paper in basic *Minecraft, although if you need a paper awakening, you first have to download the Golem World PE mob. There are some steps below to help you craft a paper awakening.

·         Collect All the Ingredients

To make a paper awakening, you first have to find four Redstone Dust items, then four Glowstone Dust items, and a paper. You can mine the Glowstone Dust from the Glowstone Blocks, which will be found naturally in the Nether. Moreover, they are produced in Crystalline clusters, so to mine them, you must have a tool with a silk touch. Or you can kill witch mobs for getting a Glowstone Dust.

·         Craft Awakening Paper in Minecraft

You have to go to the crafting table and open the 3×3 grid to craft it. Then, place the Paper in the center of the grid and then place Glowstone Dust in each grid corner. Lastly, fill the leftover four spaces with the Redstone dust and shift the awakening paper into your inventory.


As we mentioned above, creating Paper in a game is the simplest process, and you can easily make it by finding sugarcane near water. Then you place them horizontally to make Paper. Furthermore, with Papers, you can craft more items that will be helpful in the world of Minecraft, like a paper awakening, a map, and so much more. So share your experience with making a paper in the game. Hopefully, this blog will be beneficial to you.