How to Make Snapchat Dark mode (Learn Quick Hacks)

Would you like to stop your eyes from straining each time you use Snapchat? Try using Snapchat in dark mode for this. But the question is how to make the app in dark mode. Then, No worries, there is a simple way to toggle between the normal and the dark theme. So, we have covered all the queries in this blog. Dark mode is the most remarkable feature that helps eager phone users by decreasing the glare from their devices while using the app. Hence, Snapchat offers the dark theme feature on iOS devices but not officially on Android. However, there are some workarounds that will help you in achieving the dark theme on Android, which we will discuss in the following section.

People like to use dark mode on their devices, and most of the apps have already generated the feature of a dark theme. Furthermore, the harsh blue light rays at night can make it hard to sleep, cause migraines, etc. In contrast, dark mode causes less strain on the eyes and can even save your battery health. Without further ado, let’s move on to learn how to access the dark theme.

Simple Ways to Enable Snapchat Dark Mode on iOS or Android

how to make your snapchat dark mode on android
how to make your snapchat dark mode on android

Snapchat is one of the most popular photo messaging apps and is often known for introducing new features. Its dark mode feature is a joy for users as it helps them reduce eye strain. Moreover, it does not sync with the system settings. You have to enable the dark mode by delving into the settings. So in this section, we will let you know about accessing the dark theme on Android and iOS.

1.      Enabling Dark Mode on iOS

You can apply the given steps to allow the dark mode on any Ios device.

  • Open your profile on Snapchat by tapping on your “Bitmoji” from the upper left side of the screen.
  • Then, choose the “Gear (Settings) icon” from the upper right of the profile page.
  • Next, move down and click on “App Appearance” to view the options to modify the theme.
  • Last, you can select “Always Dark,” and your Snapchat turned into a black theme.

2.      Automated Dark Mode Feature on iPhone

You can also use automate dark mode on Snapchat for your iPhone. You do not always have to manually toggle on the snapchat dark theme each time t is needed. Your phone will toggle between light & dark themes depending on the time of the day. So make sure the match system is switched on inside Snapchat before beginning the process.

  • Launch the Settings app on your phone and move down to the “Display & Brightness “option & tap on it.
  • Switch the “Automatic” on and choose “Options.”
  • Next, set the times you wish to use the iOS light mode and when you wish to use the dark theme. You can also schedule your theme to alternate between the sunset & sunrise. Once it is set, Snapchat will automatically alter the modes based on your phone’s theme.

3.      Enabling Dark Theme on Android

Android dark mode is still not released by the app. But, there is some workaround you can attempt to allow the dark mode on Android. The alternate option is that you access it by allowing the “Forced System-wide dark mode” option from developer options. Now let’s discuss the steps to allow the dark theme.

  • First, launch the Settings app and push the “About Phone.” Now, move down until you locate the “Build Number” and click it seven times. You have now allowed developer mode on android devices.
  • Then, return to the settings home page and move to “System >Developer Options” to allow the developer options.
  • Next, allow the “Override force dark” toggle, and you have productively enabled a forced dark theme on your phone. Then move forward; Android will display some colors on apps that do not have native support for the dark theme.

Note: keep in mind that newer versions of Snapchat do not respond to forced darkmode and the android app stays in a light theme. Thus, you will have to install older versions of Snapchat from APKMirror.

  • After that, tap on the APKMirror link and press the “Download APK” option to install Snapchat version on your Android. You will lose some of the features by doing this, but you have to do this if you want to get dark mode.
  • Moreover, the forced darkmode toggle assists you in manually allowing the dark theme in Snapchat for Android.
  • So, now you can successfully access the dark mode without any readability issues.

Advantages of Using Snapchat Dark Mode

how to make your snapchat dark mode
how to make your snapchat dark mode

As we are all aware, the light mode of mobiles is pretty harmful to our eyes, and the constant exposure to the blue light causes eye strain and other headache issues. So, users should use the dark mode on their phones and night apps. Moreover, it saves your phone’s battery life and stops it from running out sooner. Hence, night mode consumes the battery slower than light mode, as the dark theme acquires less light to display.

Whether you are in bed or with a family member, or out with friends, you can use the phone without any disturbance. Further, dark mode is helpful if you are using an app in public spaces, as it is less distracting. Hence, the app’s dark mode lets you use it around other individuals without distracting them.

Final Words

The darkmode on Snapchat is a user-friendly way of making the app more attractive and satisfying. Because most social media apps have adopted the dark theme, you should use the methods outlined above to enable Snapchat darkmode on your devices. You can easily enable dark mode on iOS. However, it is quite challenging to allow the darkmode on Android as Snapchat did not release the dark mode version on Android. But you can use the alternative way that is mentioned in the blog. Hopefully, the article will be beneficial to you. If you face any issues, then comment with your queries, and we will come up with a solution.