How to Reply to a Message on Instagram via Android & iOS?

How can you reply to a specific message on Instagram? No worries, if you are puzzled and don’t know the way, we will guide you. As Instagram was obtained by Facebook and has now undergone various functional changes. One of the best features of insta is Instagram Direct, which has become the most widely used. However, it is a messaging feature that lets you respond to the specific message to chats on Insta. But how can you use this feature? No worries, in this article, we will walk you through how to use Instagram Direct and how to reply to a text on iOS, Android, and the web.

Hence, the option to reply to a particular message was launched with Instagram’s cross-platform messaging update. Earlier, you had to allow the connection manually. But the new version will automatically update the feature. However, it is quite easy to lose the text, especially in group chats. So, with this feature, you can add some clarity by answering directly to a specific message. Now let’s dive into details on how you can do it.

How to Reply to a Particular Message on Instagram on Multiple Devices

how do you reply to a specific message on instagram
how do you reply to a specific message on instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that can keep a person stuck on a screen for hours. Instagram propose lots of features to its users. One fine feature is direct messaging, which lets the user reply to a text during chats and helps avoid confusion. So, with this feature, users can quote and respond to people’s messages in DMs. Now let’s move to the steps to assist you in replying to a particular text on Insta.

1.      Replying to a Specific Message on Instagram via Android

If you want to reply to a particular text on your android device, then apply the below steps.

  • Launch your insta feed and click on the “Messenger” icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Find your chat that holds specific messages.
  • Then, click and hold the text, and swipe it to the right until it emerges above the message input box.
  • Type the message in your reply; the text you entered will be attached to your messages when you send it.

Another way to reply to a message on Instagram is by following the given steps.

  • First, click on the paper airplane icon from the top right of the screen from your news feed to allow messages.
  • Then, go to the conversation that contains the particular message.
  • Next, press & hold the message until the three actions option shows.
  • After that, tap on “Reply.” The text you are responding to will show above the text input box.
  • Now type the message and send it. Then the text will get attached to the text you respond to.

2.      Replaying to Text on Instagram via iOS

If you want to respond to the particular text on insta while using the iPhone, apply the steps below.

  • Click on “Messenger” from the feed top right corner.
  • Now, choose the private or group chat from your messages.
  • Then, swipe right on the particular message once you locate it. So click on the “reply” icon, and then enter your message. You can also press down the screen over the sender’s message and enter your reply.
  • Next, you will see the sender’s message attached to the text above, so enter your text and send it.

Whenever you select a message to rely on, it shows in quotes to know which one you are referring to within the conversation. So you just have to simply hold reply first at the bottom and send your message by itself.

  1. Replying to Particular Text on Instagram via PC

Responding to a specific message on Insta is also present on the desktop version. Here are the steps you should follow to respond to the text by using a PC.

  • Launch in a browser and then tap on the “Messenger” icon from the upper-right corner of the screen from the insta feed.
  • Now, view the chat and find the text you want to add a reply to.
  • Next, tap on the “Horizontal dots” icons beside the text.
  • After that, choose “Reply” from the options.
  • Enter your message to reply and send it; the text you reply to will be attached to your message.

How to Update New Instagram Messenger?

This new feature is now present as an update that you will locate within the insta app. So just make sure you have your device’s newest version of Instagram. Once the update is available, an “Introducing Cross-App Messaging” banner will appear in the insta feed’s upper-right. After that, view the notification and click “Update” to acquire messenger features on Instagram DM. Make sure that the previous version of insta will not be available after updating to the new UI. If you lose the update notification, then follow the given steps.

  • Open the Instagram Settings.
  • Then, click on the “Update Messaging” option.
  • Next, click “update” on the window that says, “there’s a new way to text on Instagram.”?
  • When the Messenger has been updated, the DM icon at the upper right of the insta feed will be replaced with the messenger logo.

But, there might be chances that you will not see the update messaging option even if your Instagram app is upgraded. That’s because the update is still processing out. So just check an eye on the app & update it when cross-messaging is available.

How to Reply to a Specific Message on Instagram in Vanish mode?

The vanish mode is a new feature that directly removes a message after the person reads it. So, you can respond to chats in vanishing mode like you would respond to a regular text on Insta, but your reply will also vanish after the person has read it. You can toggle on this feature for highly-sensitive, time-bound chats.

Thus, you have to view the Instagram app and click on the messenger icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Now choose a text and click on the chat name. Then, you will see several chat settings that you can change. So just switch on “Vanish mode.”

Wrapping Up

Instagram is a rapidly growing platform. Identifying all the features assists you in discovering this great app more smoothly. Insta DM has many new features from Messenger, so now you can add themes, emojis, stickers, and direct replies to a message. With the help of the above guide, you should be able to understand how to respond to a specific text on Instagram. But still, if you cannot respond to a text, then make sure you have installed the newest version of Insta.