How To Soft Reset iPhone 12: All You Need to Know

How to soft reset iPhone 12?

iPhone has a robust operating system; however, it developed software problems for some reasons. There are times when you think your iPhone needs a reset, right? This often happens when your phone acts weird or not up to the mark. Or just your iPhone, especially 12, is piled up with old files that are making your OS slow.

In these scenarios, How to Soft Reset Your iPhone 12? It is the most vital thing you should know. Moreover, in this guide, you will also learn how to force start and factory reset.

How to Soft Reset Your iPhone12?

SOFT RESET is the simplest and easiest way to reset your iPhone. In this RESET, none of your data will be apparent. The reason to opt for this RESET varies.

  • Phone processing slowly than usual
  • Some apps are not working
  • Glitch in software

However, a point to note here, the soft reset in iPhone X, XS, and 11 are similar; however, iPhone 7 or 8 has a bit different mode of steps to do reset.

  1. Press then hold the Sleep button simultaneously, together with the button of Volume Down
  2. Swipe the slider with your finger and again swipe RIGHT
  3. The screen will go black
  4. Now, AGAIN, press and hold the Wake button to make the Apple logo come to the screen

Besides, there is another option of executing the SOFT RESET.

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Scroll down to the General
  3. Get there to find Shut Down
  4. Tap on the option of Shut Down
  5. Slide to Power off Slider
  6. Now follow from step 2 to complete the task

How to Soft Reset Your iPhone 12: Force Restart

Besides, learning how to reset your iPhone 12 soft is time for FORCE restart. It is also called a HARD reset. This reset has been used when your iPhone is not responsive. Take, for example, your screen goes black or freezes. Many recommended the hard reset in these situations, plus none of your data will be wiped out.

Here is how to do a Force Restart in iPhone 12:

  1. Press Volume Up button and quickly release it
  2. Simultaneously press and release the Volume Down button
  3. Now hold the Wake button till the logo of Apple appears
reset iPhone 12
reset iPhone 12

How to Soft Reset iPhone 12: Phone Restart is Not Working?

DFU or Device Firmware Update is the mode used to connect the interaction between the iPhone 12 and iTunes sans required the booting up of iOS. This way has been used in the case when your OS is not responding. At that time, the mode of DFU will do the trick, thus, enabling the restoration. However, there is one drawback. All your data will be lost. Yet, this option is the last-ditch attempt to recover your iPhone 12.

How to do it in DFU mode:

  1. Pin your iPhone 12 into the computer
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Follow the above steps of force restart
  4. Leave the Sleep/Wake button
  5. Hold the button of Volume Down for approximately 10 seconds
  6. The screen of your iPhone 12 will be black
  7. iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode’ this message will show on your computer
  8. Press OK to start this restoring setup

A Soft Reset vs. Force Restart vs. Factory Reset

A soft reset will not be able to remove your data. Following this line, force restart will not wipe your data from your system. The force or hard reset deals with the hardware keys to restart the iPhone. On the other hand, a factory reset is entirely different from a hard or soft reset. Due to the factory reset, turn the phone into a new phone as it has come from the factory because it wipes all data off from content to settings and relevant information.


In this guide on how to soft reset iPhone 12, we have spelled out the steps to undertake this task. The other RESETTING options will be recommended for getting your iPhone on track without losing your precious data. However, it is recommended as the last option when you have exhausted all other options when it comes to factory resetting.