How To Split Screen Fortnite: All You Need to Know

Searching for how to split-screen in Fortnite?

Well, you end up in the right place. To argue Fortnite is one of the greatest video games of recent gaming history will not be an overstatement. As Fortnite has carved up its niche in the hearts of many hardcore gamers—recently, the split-screen mode has garnered much rave reviews buy the gamers. The split-screen mode has allowed the gamers to play simultaneously on the same screen without needing a second console. This guide will give you a walkthrough of how to split screen on Fortnite.

Fortnite Split-Screen Compatibility

Fortnite’s mode of split-screen is restricted to two consoles: Xbox and PS. In 2019, the split-screen feature was introduced. These consoles, such as Series X, Series S, or PS5, can have up to 60 seconds of frame rates.

How to split-screen Fortnite in mode

The fun is when you play with your friends. Make sure two things are available for your friend to join: Controller and a second account. Now, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the Main Menu
  2. The second controller should be connected and switched on
  3. As the controller gets connected, the invitation should be sent to the second player to select their account
  4. In the lobby of Fortnite, the second player will show up after signing in
  5. Now you can enjoy the game together in split-screen mode

Not Every Game Mode is Compatible

how to play split screen fortnite
how to play split screen fortnite

Solo mode unavailability on the split-screen multiplayer is no news. This may give an edge in a battle royale because together, two players can devise a good strategy to beat the other rival players. Hence Solo Mode is incompatible when it comes to split-screen play. Besides, only two modes are available for you, i.e., Squads or Duos. These two modes will be up for play in the same console for two players.

Hacks for Split-screen Mode

Playing on a split-screen is fun, but it has some drawbacks, too. For one, the size of the screen will be reduced in half. Hence, it underlines the importance of communication between two players in playing the game. The split-screen mode will give the outlook of the screen at a horizontal angle, while it cannot be reverted to a vertical one. Though, with some adjustments, the visuals can be shifted to the virtual orientation.


Q: What are the significant drawbacks of split-screen in Fortnite?

A: The major drawback of the split-screen is the reduction in the screen’s real estate per player, a fact which was ascertained to many hardcore gamers. It means it will make it challenging for the player to monitor enemies and get a disadvantage in building fights. There is a possibility of making this gap-fill by the communication with your split-screen player; however, the visibility of the enemies still cannot be ascertained. The other section of the problem lies in the frames-per-second or FPS, which will suffer due to the system powering at two Fortnite. When playing in the dual-mode or split-screen, the frames-per-second you will get are 30 to 45 instead of 60.

Q: What are the modes of split-screen available in Fortnite?

A: The games modes’ availability in split-screen is somewhat limited, despite several being functional. The number of methods will get automatically disabled when you go into the split-screen feature, such as Team Rumble, Solo, and Creative. In most cases, two game modes, i.e., Squads and Duos, are available. Irrespective of the game mode, the players cannot share their looted items due to the separate inventories; only the sharing can be possible manually.

Q: Does the Split-Screen feature of Fortnite available on PC or Nintendo Switch?

A: The feature of split-screen of Fortnite only caters to PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The fact this feature is not available in Nintendo Switch due to the lack of power that is available in the Xbox and PlayStation to run the two Fortnite simultaneously. As far as PC is concerned, the power is not the issue here but the lack of Epic Games identification of users, which it can do on consoles (READ: Separate Accounts)


In this guide on how to split-screen Fortnite, we have spelled out the steps to explain Fortnite’s feature of split-screen importance and its drawback. Despite being limited to mere two consoles, the split-screen feature of Fortnite is a must-experience feature every gamer should have.