How to Turn Off Age Restriction on Youtube (Easiest Methods)

Are you annoyed by the filtered content & curious to know how to turn off the Age restriction mode on Youtube? So you have come to the right place. This blog will walk you through how you can switch off age restrictions. As it does not allow you to watch some restricted content. Hence, to avoid viewing difficult, disturbing, or touchy content available, YouTube has given the option to restrain such content. The age-restricted content can be seen only by those who are 18+ and have a disabled limited mode on their Youtube account. But, if you wish to view the age restriction, we will let you know the solution to fix the age restriction mode.

What is Meant by Age Restricted Mode on Youtube

It is a feature on Youtube that restricts the ability of users below 18 to watch specific videos. The age-restricted videos cannot be open when a user is not signed in or using any third-party tools. Moreover, these videos contain content that might be vulgar, violent, dangerous activities, drugs, and more that will be shocking to children. So, that’s why youtube does not allow children or below 18 users to create their own Youtube channels.

Hence, it is considered to be a great policy that remains the content secure for work and underage users. Further, if you ever endeavored to watch content that has come with the age restriction mode. Then you will not be allowed to watch the video. But, If you want to turn off the Mode, then move to the next section to learn it.

How to Turn Off Age Restriction on Youtube on PC/iOS/Android

how to turn age restriction off on youtube
how to turn age restriction off on youtube

As we all know, the age-limitation term on Youtube forbids users from accessing the unfortunate content without logging in to their Youtube account. But, if you need to turn off the feature, follow the given steps that will help you in switching off the restriction mode on Computer, Android & or iOS.

Turning off Restriction Mode on Youtube Through Computer

So, here are some steps given below that will lead you to turn off the restriction mode of youtube by using Computer.

  • Open and tap on your profile icon, situated in the top corner of the screen.
  • Next, move to the bottom of the menu and tap “Restricted Mode: On.”
  • After that, toggle the “Activate Restricted Mode” button off (then it will turn from blue to grey).

Turning Off Age Restriction on Youtube On Android

Let’s explore the steps to switch off the restricted mode on Android.

  • Launch the Youtube app on your mobile and click on the Profile Picture you will find at the top corner of the screen.
  • Then, move to the “Settings.”
  • Next, view the “General” settings.
  • After that, move to the bottom to locate Restricted Mode. Now turn it off. It will then turn grey to blue.

Turning Off the Age Restriction Mode on Your Ios

You can switch off restricted Mode on your iPad by following your iPhone’s given steps.

  • Launch the Youtube app on your iPad & click on your Profile picture you can locate right off the screen.
  • Now, move to the Settings.
  • Next, choose the General Tab the Restricted Mode turn off. Then it will turn from grey to blue.

How to Turn off Youtube Age Restriction on TV

If the age restriction appears on your Smart TV for various reasons, That may be because you have signed in with the wrong account. The other reason may be that your YouTube app linked with your account is in limited Mode. Moreover, smart TVs use a brand account as their default sign-in. Those accounts are connected to the age restriction and would not show you all the content.

Hence, you can solve the issue by logging in with your personal account. After the login, make sure that you have typed in the birth year information. Youtube will automatically turn on the restricted Mode if that information is missing. If you think that your Youtube app is in “Restricted Mode,” follow the below steps to turn off the Mode.

  • View your TV, go to the Youtube app and confirm that you are signed in.
  • Then, move to the settings and hit the menu by clicking “OK.”
  • After that, go to the “Restricted Mode” option.
  • Next, choose “Off” in the prompt that appears.

Thus, the methods will offer you to disallow the “restriction mode” on your TV.

Turn off the Age Restriction on Youtube as A Viewer

You can switch off the age restriction & can access all the content so you can either add or update by disabling the safety mode or updating the date of birth.

Update Your Date of Birth

  • First, sign in with the email address for your google account.
  • Second, tap on the “Home” tab at the apex of the page.
  • Then, choose the Profile tab that emerges on the screen’s left.
  • Next, tap on the About tab & review the credentials of the profile.
  • After that, locate the Birthday, Gender, and other options & tap on the pencil icon beside the birthday option.
  • Then, type your date of birth and tap “Save” to update the birth date on the Google Plus profile.

Disallow Safety Mode

  • Open the Youtube homepage & tap on your profile icon at the apex of the screen.
  • Next, open the drop menu and choose “Restricted Mode.”
  • After that, tap on the box and turn the restricted option off. If the safety mode is locked, you will get a prompt asking you to confirm your Google account and password before disallowing the safety mode.
  • Then, tap “Save” to make sure that save Mode is disabled.

Wrapping up

YouTube has set certain limitations on the content uploaded according to the age group. Hence, Using the age-restriction mode on Youtube is a great way to keep an eye on children. But, if you are 18+ and want to access all the videos, you can easily turn off the restriction mode by following the above methods that assist you in accessing all the content on Youtube. Do not forget to mention us if you face any issues in turning off the age-restricted content.