Microsoft Edge Not Working? Here are the Fixes

Is Microsoft edge not working? Microsoft Edge is one of the common widely-used browsers. Developed by Microsoft, it is trusted and relied on most Windows 10 users. However, some users reported on the forum that Microsoft Edge not working appears when they use it.

For Windows users who use multiple browsers, this is not a problem at all. But for those who use Microsoft Edge as the default browser or prefer using Edge only, this can be a big problem.

If you’ve freshly upgraded to Windows 10 Creators Update and saw that your Microsoft Edge browser not running correctly, you’re not singly. Many Windows users are reporting it. The good news is, you can quickly fix it by yourself. Here are seven fixes for you to try.

Microsoft Edge Not Working
Microsoft Edge Not Working

7 Solutions of Microsoft Edge Not Working Issue 

Make Sure You Are Connected to the Internet 

Let’s start with the necessary troubleshooting step to fix the Edge issue. You require to check if your device is connected to a stable internet connection.

Open the Settings app on Windows 10 (Use Windows + I keyboard shortcut). Navigate to Network & Internet > Status and make sure that it says ‘You’re connected to the Internet’.

If the status does say that, you’ll also want to test the internet connection with a different browser to ensure the issue is centered only on Edge. Open Google Chrome or Firefox and examine to open a few sites.

If you can’t unite to the web using other browsers, you know there’s still a difficulty with your internet connection and not Edge. On the flip side, if the different browser connects fine, the issue is only with the Edge browser, and you can continue with our troubleshooting guide.

Microsoft Edge Not Working After Update
Microsoft Edge Not Working After Update

Clear Cache and Cookies

A corrupted cache can ruin your day. It’s almost always safe to clear the cache, so there’s no reason not to try it.

If there is overburdened browsing data in your Microsoft Edge, that may produce the browser to slow or stop answering completely.

When Microsoft Edge does not respond in Windows 10, you can free the browsing history, cache, and cookies for your browser.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Edge and tap on the three-dot menu above.

Step 2: Go to Settings > Privacy, Search, and Services.

Step 3: Drive to Clear Browsing data > Select What to Clear.

Step 4: Choose Cookies and Cache and click Clear data at the bottom.

Then relaunch the Microsoft Edge browser and inspect if problems with Edge not responding have been fixed.

Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Not Working
Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Not Working

Close Edge Properly

Sometimes Edge stops responding because the tabs you have closed over time never actually shut the process. These Edge methods add up and consume a lot of RAM. The behavior eventually leads to Microsoft Edge crashing, freezing, or not opening at all.

Follow the steps below to close Edge entirely on Windows 10.

Step 1: Press the Windows key and open the start menu.

Step 2: Insert Task Manager and hit enter to open the program.

Step 3: Right-hit on the top-level Microsoft Edge method (the one with the number next to it) and select End Task.

That will close all running Edge processes, free up RAM space, and allow you to relaunch Edge. You should also take a look at other processes running in the background. Close irrelevant ones, and that should free up more extra RAM space on your Windows 10 device.

why my microsoft edge is not working
why my microsoft edge is not working

Disable Edge Extensions

As you already recognize, Microsoft Edge is built-on Google’s Chromium engine. As a result, it works perfectly fine with all the Google Chrome extensions. Using extensions, one can add more features to the primary Edge interface and functionality.

However, some might not be actively maintained, could be out of date, or develop conflicts with new Edge builds.

If you have dozens of Edge extensions installed, it can be challenging to figure out which one causes the issue. Because of that, the easiest solution is to disable all extensions and then enable only the ones you need one at a time.

Step 1: Tap on the three-dot menu on the Edge home screen.

Step 2: Enter to the Extensions menu and choose to remove to delete extensions.

why microsoft edge is not working
why microsoft edge is not working

Disable Strict Tracking Prevention

Websites utilize trackers to collect info about your browsing. Websites may use this info to improve sites and show you content like personalized ads. Some trackers collect and send your information to sites you haven’t visited. Microsoft offers a default tracking prevention choice to block trackers, harmful content, and ads.

By default, it’s placed at Balanced, but if you have switched to strict prevention, the setting might interfere with some of the websites you visit.

Open Microsoft Edge Settings > Privacy, Search, and Services > Tracking prevention, and switch to a Balanced approach.

checkbox is not working microsoft edge espn
checkbox is not working microsoft edge espn

Reset All Edge Settings

It can help because there are times when tweaking the wrong settings can eventually cause issues with Edge, especially if you’re enabling Edge beta build.

Follow the steps here to reset all settings on the Edge browser.

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Edge and launch settings.

Step 2: Navigate to Reset Settings and verify your decision.

Just remember that this will disable all of your extensions, precise temporary data, and wipe out all cookies. However, it won’t affect bookmarks, history, and saved passwords.

microsoft edge gpo is not working
microsoft edge gpo is not working

Install Latest Windows 10 Update

Microsoft delivers Edge updates through Windows Update. If the difficulty that’s bothering you widespread, the company is apparently already working on a solution.

As soon as that solution is made, you’ll get it through Windows Update.

So, head over to Settings > Updates & Security and check for updates.


[wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: Is Microsoft edge being discontinued?”]A: It will be releasing support for its existing legacy version of Microsoft Edge on March 9, 2021. Microsoft has been trying to push its current Windows 10 users to use its new Chromium-based Edge browser. It has also issued a statement saying that all future Windows feature updates will include the new Edge browser.[/wps_faq][wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: Why does Microsoft EDGE keep crashing?”]A: Sometimes, your browser extensions may cause Edge to crash. To quickly know the culprit, you need to disable all the browser add-ons and extensions. Then, re-enable them one by one. Once you’ve identified the culprit, you need to delete it from your computer permanently.[/wps_faq][wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: Why can I not uninstall Microsoft edge?”]A: Because Windows supports applications that rely on the web platform, our default web browser is an essential component of our operating system and can’t be uninstalled. Microsoft Edge gives users full control over importing personal data from other browsers.[/wps_faq]