How to Fix PS4 Overheating Issues? [100% Tested Solutions]

Are you facing PS4 overheating issues? Heat is a PS4’s enemy. Game consoles like PS4 are created with heat dispersion and ventilation in mind, so they don’t overheat. If too much heat develops, your PS4 may become unstable, suddenly shut down, or even suffer component damage. Your PS4 contains many parts, almost all of which create heat when your console is on. Like the CPU and graphics card, some parts can get so hot you could cook on them. So, keeping your PS4 running within safe temperatures is essential, significantly as the temperature rises outside.

Much of this heat is transferred out of the PS4’s case by one large fan. If the PS4 isn’t pushing the hot air fast enough, the temperature can get so hot that you risk severe damage to your console. Keeping your PS4 cool should be a top priority.

Ps4 Pro Overheating
Ps4 Pro Overheating

What are the Causes of PS4 Overheating?

There are several possible reasons why your PS4 may be overheating when playing Call of Duty Warzone.

The Game Needs an Update

If your PS4 only bangs or overheats when playing Call of Duty Warzone and not with other games, it’s possible that you may have a coding issue. This means that the current version of the game may have a glitch that may only be fixed by an update.

Warzone will not load if it’s outdated, but just in case, you can try to check for updates to double-check manually. You can do that by leaving the game, restarting the console, and trying to play it again.

Poor Ventilation

The PS4 internal components can heat up quickly when it’s trying to play a game, so it requires a constant flow of air in and around it to keep the heat in check. If the air vents of the PS4 are blocked or too close to a wall or object, there may not be enough air to circulate inside the console. Makes sure that there are at least 2 inches of space between the console and any objects around it.

Exposure to Direct Heat

If your PS4 is located in a region where it produces heat, like when it’s beside an oven, furnace, or window with access to direct daylight, it may become too hot. Try to relocate the console to a more relaxed area and ensure that it gets adequate ventilation.

The Software is Not Updated

A PS4 software glitch may cause the system to crash or trigger an overheating warning in some rare cases. This may happen even if the console is not overheating at all. Make sure that you install the most advanced software update to fix the issue.

Hardware Malfunction

For some unlucky users, their PS4 may fail due to a hardware fault. This may occur if the console had been dropped, hit by a hard object, or regularly exposed to elements like dust, heat, water, or moisture.

Ps4 Overheating
Ps4 Overheating

How to Get Rid of PS4 Overheating?

Make Sure Your PS4 Has Room to Breathe

Your PS4 requires the air around it to flow. If you’ve made your system cooped up in a small region, perhaps under your TV stand or too close to a wall, then it’s not making the airflow it needs. Your console needs adequate ventilation, so keeping it in an enclosed cabinet doesn’t help either.

Though the PS4 comes with built-in fans and intake vents, if there’s air able to go into those vents, you risk your PS4 overheating. Try and leave as much space as you can around the sides, front, and back of your PS4 so it can get the air it needs.

Clean Your PS4

You’d be amazed how much dust can gather in the vents of your PS4. This muck meets up over time and can be a cause of overheating. With your PS4 turned off and unplugged, exclude the side cover of your PS4 and use one of the small hoover extensions (not a brush) to carefully suck up any dust you see on the metal casing.

How to clean your PS4 when it’s overheating?

Then hoover around all the ventilation breaks around the perimeter of your PS4, including USB ports. While you’ve got the hoover out, exhaustion clean the area around your PS4!

It’s also worth buying a can of compressed air, which you can spray on the fan and heatsink when you’ve removed the cover, which keeps it nice and clean.

Its worth cleaning your PS4 regularly – at least once a month.

Invest in a PS4 Fan

There are many PS4 cooling solutions possible, and by following this tip, you’ll also keep your PS4 upright. It’s worth spending on a vertical stand with a PS4 cooling solution. Though there are several various types available, including external fans, this PS4 and PS4 Slim vertical cooling stand including two controller charging ports have excellent reviews.

The dual cooling fans blow out a constant flow of air to prevent your PS4 from overheating. Plus, it comes in convenient for charging up your controllers too!


[wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: Can a ps4 break from overheating?”]A: Yes, a PS4 can overheat. If it does, you will notice the red light come on, and it will beep three times and shut off. If it is just warm and the fan is running huge, that’s normal if you are playing a game that requires a lot of CPU/GPU power. It sounds like where you have, it is just fine.[/wps_faq][wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: Is it normal for a ps4 to get hot?”]A: PS4 does overheat sometimes and become too hot. You don’t have to panic as it’s normally an easily-resolvable issue. Mostly, all you need is to clean the vents and the fan, and everything will go right.[/wps_faq][wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: How do I keep my ps4 cool?”]A: You could probably get some fans for laptops and set the ps4 on top of it, and some are powered by USB. Get a cooling rack like a cookie cooling grate, put your ps4 on that, elevate it more if needed. Blow away any dirt from side vents; if your warranty expired, take off the head panel and PSU and blow everything out.[/wps_faq][wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: How long can a ps4 last before overheating?”]A: It should be frequently unless a fan fails, or for some reason, ventilation is blocked. The system either effectively removes heat or doesn’t find a computer that runs for exactly 18 hours before overheating.[/wps_faq]