Refurbished Airpods PR Pro vs Airpods: Which to Choose?

Refurbished AirPods: Which Aipords You Should Opt For?

Airpods are inarguably one of the best products of Apple out there. But the Apple enthusiasts are in a fix: which Aipords should they put their hands on?

The all-out sleek Airpods PRO or the traditional effective AirPods?


Given the latest modification, Airpods PRO has an edge. The refurbished Airpods PRO is a surefire that provides you with compelling sound and bass quality compared to the traditional Airpods. However, there is one drawback to the Aiprods PRO: they are not comfy when wearing them. Due to these, AirPods fit inside the ear canal, unlike the previous models who nestle on the outer side of the ear.

Though, this ‘not-so-comfortable’ reason can vary from person to person. Some may prefer it, or some do not. But if you want a top-class premium pair of AirPods to have the greats sound, then you should have these refurbished Airpods PRO.

Moreover, these AirPods boast the noise cancellation tech, perfect for you if you are a frequent traveler. Nonetheless, their battery timing may be the area that may upset you. These AirPods only give you 4/5 hours on complete charging.

Level of comfortless and Stylish Wear

The competition is getting a bit harder as this section deals with the outlook of both versions of the AirPods.

Airpods, typically, suit the gym or sports activities as it sits on the outer side of the ear, which gives the aesthetic looks. Also, it has been seen people often prefer Airpods for most outdoor activities.

In the fitting of the AirPods, one should consider the different sizes of ears. The refurbished AirPods may fit in one’s ear, but at the same time, they cannot fit right on the others. The AirPods are generally designed to fit in the standard size of the ears. But, due to the slight difference in the sizes, it may loosen.

Moreover, the AirPods PRO lets you hear the ambient sounds through its transparency mode. However, AirPods beats the PRO in this section, as it boasts better sound quality than it. This can be explained by the fact that they evade making a seal inside the ear, which does not stop all sound.

refurbished airpods pro
refurbished airpods pro

Refurbished AirPods vs. AirPods PRO: Who is the Winner?

It all boils down to your choice: will you prefer better and smooth sound quality over ignoring the comfort part or go for the comfort part and slightly modest price to overtake the sound quality?

The former qualities are in the refurbished AirPods PRO while the latter is then refurbished AirPods. So, decision time. You should first take a good look at both the pros and cons of these Airpods to reach your decision. As AirPods are gadgets, everyone has the desire to have one. So put your money into the right product.


Q: Refurbished AirPods worth the money?

First, you have to find the discount these refurbished AirPods offer you. The pairs will have almost the same quality compared to the brand news. These AirPods will also be worth your money as they have a longer lifeline when used correctly.

Q: Which is better used, AirPods or a refurbished one?

To choose between refurbished or used AirPods, choose the former from the official retailer instead of going for the used AirPods from any third party. The reason refurbished ones are the best is that they have a money-back warranty and quality warranty.

Q: Is it legal to buy refurbished pairs of Airpods?

It’s completely legit to buy them from a trusted retailer. Also, notice these pairs of refurbished have a valid warranty policy. They can last for years if used correctly. Refurbished pairs of AirPods can give you a significant discount when bought at a sale, say Black Friday. In this sale, the price of the AirPods slumped to half, which will be the perfect timing for you to grab them.