Top Fallout 4 Weapons – Where to Find Them?

Fallout 4 is one of the top leading action role playing game produced by Bethesda Softworks. The game introduced several mind blowing weapons used to knock out the enemies. Some supreme weapons accessible in fallout4 are listed below.

Fallout 4 Unique Weapons
Fallout 4 Unique Weapons

Kellogg’s Pistol

Despite being available quite early in the game, it still retains the position of the prime multi-purpose weapon. The combination of range and accuracy with its incredible stopping power makes it valuable throughout the game. The capability to refresh your AP after each crucial hit you accomplish makes it inevitable in VATS too. Utilization of 44 ammo counts in its disadvantage as this ammo is hard to find, which limits this weapon to deliver on special attacks only.

To acquire this pistol, you have to start the journey to the diamond city where you will meet Nick valentine. Having a conversation with him will lead you to a quest named “Reunion,” where you will come across a battle with Kellog in fort Hagen. If you successfully invade Kellogg, then you can readily occupy his pistol and armor.

Grognak’s ax

Keeping a backup for choking situations always proves lucrative. Grognak’s ax Not only causes deadly damage to the opponent, but it also does a flounder effect on the enemy so that you can plot your next immediate move.

A locked case located on the first floor of hubris comics contains this fallout4 weapon. Equipping a few Molotov cocktails is suggested before proceeding. If feral ghouls pop up, throwing a couple of Molotov cocktails will allow you a safe exit.

Le Fusil Terribles

Shotguns present in fallout4 are not up to mark because of their slower rate of fire with low ammo capacity and lousy range. However, this shotgun makes its way to one of the prime fallout4 weapons. Unlike others, it loads 32 shells at once, exhibiting devastating damage, particularly for its range. It possesses the potential to disarm the rival.

This catastrophic fallout4 weapon is obtainable at raider settlement libertarian located in the northeast. Solely travel through boat bridge and, you can fetch it form the top of the crate kept in the cabin of the captain.


There is no better way to utilize 10 mm with this pistol. Enhanced accuracy paired with finer AP drafts it absolute for use in VATS.

Suppressor permits the user to execute more coherent sneaky attacks to destroy the enemies without creating a frenzy.

To obtain this fallout4 weapon, you have to complete the trade craft quest accompanied by Deacon. After succeeding in the mission, Deacon will award you this as a gesture of thanks.

Fallout 4 Weapons
Fallout 4 Weapons


This fallout4 weapon freezes the enemy by availing the cryogenics technology, which makes it exceptional from others. Some enemies being immune to this freezing effect is a drawback of this fallout4 weapon. Rare cryo cell ammo highly contributes to limit this weapon to moderate usage.

It is available at the beginning of the vault 111, but a master lock picking is required to get access to the case where it is stored.

Splatter Canon

An eye-catching feature provided by this rifle is the increased damage with each consecutive hit. Pairing this knife with bloody mess and commando perks enable it to implement maximum destruction.

Fortunately, there are no certain obligations to complete specific expeditions to earn this fallout4 weapon. Just visit the Nuka town market and conduct some negotiations to purchase it from the weapon dealer.

Allien blaster

A tiny devastating weapon found in every fallout game. This incredible fallout4 weapon requires distinctive ammo, which may not exceed beyond 400 rounds comes with it. If you can max out your science perk, then with the aid of mods, you can accept it with fusion cells too.

To acquire it, you have to be alert for the news of a crashing spaceship.

A glimpse of a streak of light and hearing NPCs speaking of a spaceship crash shows that the event has already occurred. Now you have to head towards Beantown brewery located on the northeast of Oberland station. The appearance of flaming trees hints the presence of the alien ship there. Tracking down the green blood will lead you to the spaceship, after assassinating the captain, you can get hold of it. However, there are some different points of view of people stating that it is mandatory to be at least on level 20 and must have paid a visit to Vaul 75.

Nuka-Nuke launcher

The upgraded version of the mini-nuke catapult demands the enhanced version of Nuka nukes. Utilizing this transformed variant of ammo empowers it to deliver immense damage to the rivals.

Firstly you will have to complete a quest named Capy in a haystack.

Sierra will then give you a code granting access to the office of john-Caleb bradberton. Bradberton will provide you the directions to the secret vault, only if you agree to kill him by shutting down the power supply.

You can smoothly collect Nuka-nuke launcher and the ammo from the vault.


[wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: What is the weakest weapon in fallout4?”]A: Pool cue is the weakest weapon of fallout4.[/wps_faq][wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: What is the best power armor of fallout4?”]A: X-01 is the best armor in the game.[/wps_faq][wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: What is the best pistol in fallout4?”]A: Deliver is the best pistol in the game.[/wps_faq][wps_faq style=”classic” question=”Q: Do settlers need ammo?”]A: They already have one unit ammunition, so they don’t require ammo.[/wps_faq]


These are some of the most disastrous fallout4 weapons. Almost all of them require the completion of specific tasks demanding special efforts and preparations. Their unique specialties make them ideal for being utilized in tight scenarios.